The Sports Market: Episode 5 Presented by Simbull Exchange

Cam is back to discuss the trends, trades, and values of stocks in the NFL!

If you’re not sure what Simbull is, this is an episode that can really help you understand what they do!


Intro: 00:00:00

Green Bay: 00:03:50

Seahawks: 00:04:30

Buccaneers: 00:06:30

Chiefs: 00:11:50

Cardinals: 00:13:50

Dolphins: 00:15:20

Cardinals: 00:13:50

Ravens: 00:19:30

Patriots: 00:22:05

Lions: 00:24:30

Cowboys: 00:30:30

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Tony is the host of Hoop, There It Is, Quick Slants, and Southern Showdown on Shooting the Sports Ish bringing 3 years of podcasting experience including audio and video editing skills.

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