STSI – NHL Podcast! Episode 1 / 2021 Season Overview Including Division, Vezina Trophy, and Hart Memorial Trophy Winners

Thanks for tuning into our new NHL podcast!
We are very excited for the start of the NHL season, and hope you are too!
Join hosts Jake Sennholz and Malik Jackson on this season long journey towards Lord Stanley’s Cup.
New episodes every few days!

0:20 – 19:40


Revenue Loss & Realignment of Divisions



Scotia NHL North Division




Honda NHL West Division



Discover NHL Central Division



MassMutual East Division


57:18 – 1:05:10

Vezina Trophy Odds & Predictions


1:05:10 – 1:12:50

Hart Memorial Trophy Odds & Predictions


1:12:50 – 1:16:06

Opening Night Preview
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Let us know what you like about the podcast, or something you’d like to see be added. We have segments and guests developing in the coming weeks.
Enjoy the season!

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Tony is the host of Hoop, There It Is, Quick Slants, and Southern Showdown on Shooting the Sports Ish bringing 3 years of podcasting experience including audio and video editing skills.

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