Quick Slants: NFL Week 7 Predictions

Cam and Tony are here to discuss NFL Week 7 in the NFL and get you prepared for the games ahead. We discuss the spread, money line, prop bets and the games in general to give you an idea of what bets we like, teams we like and who we think will win. 

NOTE: We make all of our predictions against the spread, so if we choose a team OUTRIGHT that means that we think the underdog will not only cover the deficit predicted, but win the game. If we pick a team to COVER that means we either think that the favorite will win by AT LEAST the amount of points predicted OR the underdog will lose by LESS than the predicted deficit. 

Here are the picks we made for Week 7!

Buffalo (-12.5) vs Jets (+12.5): Cam & Tony – Bills Cover

Panthers (+7.5) vs Saints (-7.5): Cam & Tony – Panthers outright

Browns (-3) vs Bengals (+3): Cam & Tony – Browns cover

Cowboys (-1) vs Washington (+1): Cam & Tony – Washington Outright

Lions (+2) vs Falcons (-2) : Cam & Tony – Lions outright

Packers (-3.5) vs Texans (+3.5): Cam & Tony – Packers cover

Steelers (+1) vs Titans (-1): Cam & Tony: Titans Cover

Jags (+7.5) vs Chargers (-7.5): Cam – Jags Cover, Tony – Chargers Cover

49ers (+2) vs Pats (-2): Cam & Tony – 49ers Outright

Seahawks (-3.5) vs Cardinals (+3.5): Cam & Tony – Seahawks Cover

Bears (+6) vs Rams (-6): Cam & Tony – Bears outright

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