Quick Slants: NFL Week 6 Preview – Irrational Confidence

Cam is back with Tony this week to preview a huge slate of NFL games this weekend. As fans, we went through two really crappy weeks of the NFL.

The Titans ruined a big time matchup with their irresonsibility.

The Titans had illegal workouts.

The Titans were going to have really severe punishment.

The Titans dealt severe punishment to the Buffalo Bills secondary and TROUNCED them on Tuesday Night Football.

There were many bad games and more bad injuries. We dealt with a lot of games we only watched because its the NFL and that is kind of what we do…

Anyway, the slate this weekend has a ton of big matchups particularly in the 1:00pm window. Cam and I were so excited about them that we couldn’t keep the episode short and decided to just go on and on about some of these matchups! Check out our previews as we take our picks against the Spread and the Points on this week’s episode!

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