Katrina’s Top Ten Moments in Wrestling of 2021

Katrina’s Top Ten Moments in Wrestling of 2021

2021 has been quite a whirlwind with the world and in wrestling. We had some super awesome moments and some bad ones including, the release of many professional wrestlers and a company letting go of their whole roster.
But, I wanted to focus on some moments that stood out to me. So I’m counting down from ten to one of the top wrestling moments of 2021.

10. Matt Cardona

Now, while I don’t care too much about Matt Cardona, I can’t argue the fact that he has caused quite the stir in the wrestling community. After being released from WWE, he made his way to many wrestling promotions including GCW. There he defeated Nick Gage making many of the GCW fans and death match fans angry. They responded to the new champion by throwing tons of garbage at him. While I thought that reaction to his win was a bit much and over the top, it got the internet buzzing.

9. John Cena and Roman Reigns

The last time we had a John Cena and Roman Reigns match-up, John Cena made Roman look like he didn’t belong with a mic in his hand.
The build-up between the two this time started at Money in the Bank right after Roman defeated Edge.
This was John’s first appearance on WWE since WrestleMania 36 in 2020 where he lost the Firefly Fun House match against Bray Wyatt.
They had their match at SummerSlam with Roman winning. While it was a predictable finish to the feud, it was a nice highlight of 2021 for me.

8. NWA Empowerr/Awesome Kong’s retirement

Mickie James announced that she wanted to make an all-women wrestling PPV and she did by having many awesome women showcase their skills. I was introduced to a lot of new women wrestlers that I have watched do some amazing things since that PPV.

During the PPV, Awesome Kong came out to address her long-time rival, Gail Kim. She said she was done with wrestling and wanted to spend her last moments in the ring with Gail.
Awesome Kong has worked at WWE, ROH, AEW, Shimmer. Her career spans about two decades.
She’s a former NWA Women’s champion and a 2-time Knockouts champion.

7. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa

While I know people may disagree with my placement of this on the list, I stand by my thoughts about it.

For weeks, the internet talked aout Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa in their unsanctioned Lights-Out match. This was the first women’s main event in AEW. This match was hardcore leading to Britt being busted opened and bleeding during the match.
A picture that was used on a t-shirt.
I thought Thunder Rosa out preformed Britt on this match. Britt’s bloody face took on a life of its own overshadowing that. However, I can admit that this was definitely a memorable moment of 2021 which is why it did make my list.

6. AEW Debuts

AEW has had many fan favorites debut within the promotion. These debuts have caused all types of think pieces and excitement.
The most notable debuts outside of CM Punk have been Sting, Adam Cole, Malakai Black, and Bryan Danielson.

5. Shibata makes his return.

In 2017, Shibata sustained an injury after a headbutt in a match against Kazuchika Okada. Shibata had to have surgery and in turn, many thought we would never be graced with Shibata’s presence in the ring again.
On the final night of 2021’s G1 climax, Shibata made his return against Zack Sabre Jr. in an exhibition match, making many fans ecstatic to see him back.
Shibata also announced he will be having a match at Wrestle Kingdom in 2022.

4. The Virtuosa- Deonna Purrazzo

Ever since Deonna Purazzo’s departure from WWE, she has been making her name for herself and doing so effortlessly.
Making her way to IMPACT wrestling, she soon became the Knockouts Champion, holding the belt twice.
She also made her way to AAA for Triplemania XXIX. There she defeated Faby Apache to become the Reina de Reinas Champion. This made her Deonna “2 Belts” and also made history. She is the first woman to hold 2 different belts at 2 different promotions.

3. Big E Becomes WWE Champion

Big E has been doing his thing with The New Day for some years now. The New Day is a stable that I absolutely love. I was devastated when they took him away from Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.
Big E started to shine as a solo star with his win at Money in the Bank. After he became Mr. Money in the Bank, it looked as if the stars would finally align. He was able to win the title on September 13th’s episode of Monday Night Raw where he defeated Bobby Lashley.
Big E is the fourth Black WWE Champion in history. The first three were The Rock, Kofi Kingston and, Bobby Lashley. This win also solidified The New Day being one of the best stables in WWE of all time.

2. CM Punk returns to wrestling/AEW Debut

There has been a lot of speculation as to CM Punk making his return to a wrestling ring. From years of fans chanting his name to his denial, the wrestling universe was buzzing when it was speculated that CM will return but will do so in AEW. The countdown to CM Punk coming back broke the internet with fans waiting impatiently for him to debut. CM Punk came back to cheers, tears, and happiness from many fans. CM Punk

Extra Notable Moments:

NXT 2.0
Christian making his wrestling return at WWE’s 2021 Royal Rumble
Brock Lesnar has a new look!
Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s more aggressive feud!
The Forbidden Door
Adam Page wins AEW World Championship

1. Bianca Belair wins Smackdown’s title and Main Event WrestleMania

Bianca Belair. The strongest. The quickest. The roughest. THE EST. Bianca has been taking names and kicking ass this year. From winning the Rumble and showcasing her amazing strength, Bianca has done it all and done it all looking absolutely fabulous. While, her accomplishments have been nothing short of amazing this year. she had a moment that stole the whole year for me.

Bianca faced Sasha Banks for the Smackdown’s women’s title, as the main event of night one of WrestleMania. This was the first time WWE has ever had two Black women main event. This was a history making moment and a moment that brought tears to my eyes. Seeing both women relishing the moment and putting on a show had me excited into the very end when Bianca’s hand was raised and she became the new champ!

Seeing this as a fan and a Black woman as well made this my number one for 2021.

Now, I’m quite sure some of you may not agree with my list, but that’s okay. It is my opinion and, I stand by it.
I can’t wait to see what wrestling has in store for us as fans in 2022. I would like to wish you all a Happy New year.
Until, next time!

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