The Rise of Vinicius

Arriving to Real Madrid in a very young age has been Vinicius biggest challenge of his young career. Real Madrid are all about winning and there’s no time for transition or resting periods, winning means everything for Real Madrid and this creates a lot of stress to players, especially to those just starting like Vinicius.

Things have not been easy for Vinicius since he joined Real Madrid. Criticisms regarding his scoring and overthinking plays before shooting have been constant with fans and critics of him. One of his biggest advocates has been Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez with more than one occasion referring to Vinicius as one of the future pillars of the club and rejecting big offers from clubs for Vinicius.

This season, Vinicius has improved so much in his scoring that he’s already in his best scoring season with Real Madrid, but it’s not only goals, Vinicius has evolved a lot since Ancelotti joining Real Madrid again as it’s head coach. Ancelotti has been instrumental to Vinicius recent development with his advice of doing a max of 2 touches inside the box. Vinicius’ numbers are proving Ancelotti right.

While Ancelotti’s advice has helped him a lot this seasons so far, Vinicius has made a lot of changes when he’s out of the field in preparation for his games. Vinicius has a full staff to help him prepare before games like a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a psychiatrist. These changes are helping Vinicius big time before games and the results are proving his decision to be the right one. This strategy is somewhat similar to what Cristiano Ronaldo does before and after games.

Benzema and Vinicius chemistry has evolved and improved a lot under Ancelotti and both players compliment each other really well. The offense of Real Madrid goes through both and “Los Blancos” haven seen a lot of success so far this season, especially with only one game where the team didn’t score (2-0 Loss to Espanyol). A name that can’t be ignore is Rodrygo, he’s been the third man on offense and also works really well with Benzema and Vinicius when he plays.

Vinicius’ season has been fantastic so far and we only have to wait and see if he can keep this consistency for the rest of the season and on future ones as well.If he does, Real Madrid will have their next big star.

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