PSG, The New Galácticos?

PSG currently have one of the deepest rosters is the world of football. The last time the world of football saw this many recollection of talent was with Galácticos era Real Madrid and both teams have several similarities between them, for better and worse. One of the biggest things both teams have in common is the goal of winning the Champions League, technically speaking the Galácticos ended up wining one in the 2001-2002 season. For PSG, this season is crucial for the team and their aspirations of winning the biggest continental prize in Europe.

Just like the Galácticos, controversy follows PSG almost everywhere they go. From Pochettino substituting Messi to the current situation to their offensive trident MNM (Mbappe-Neymar-Messi), the news cycle is always focused on this team and anything that happens to them. This only adds to the pressure this temas already has on it shoulders and The Galácticos lived it back in the day.

One of the interesting stories with PSG right now is with Mbappe and his relationship with Messi and Neymar. It’s no secret that Mbappe wanted to leave PSG this last summer and to Real Madrid as his destination, but circumstances didn’t allow this move to happen. Several reports indicate that Mbappe is not on the best of terms with Neymar and Messi. The trident has not been able to show their full potential playing together and by the look of things, Mbappe will most likely leave next season to Real Madrid. Some of this stories are too similar to some of the issues The Galácticos faced.

Should PSG officials be worried? The season it’s just starting, but all these issues are early warning calls and if they persist, this season could end in disaster fo such a talented team. The Galácticos had warning calls very similar to those PSG has right now and things ended in disaster for that historic team. PSG do have the advantage of learning for them Galácticos mistakes and also having a much deeper squad than the one Madrid had back in the day.

PSG has several advantages than the ones The Galácticos had back in the day. As mentioned before, PSG has a more deeper squad, especially on the defensive side of things. PSG also play for Ligue 1, an easier league to play than LaLiga and with less direct rivals for the french title. PSG has a lot in their favor, but all these concerns so early in the season is never good for any team.

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