John Mozeliak, Sorcerer Supreme

Well, well how the turn tables. With tonight’s win in NYC against the Mets, the St. Louis Baseball Cardinals have managed to pull themselves within 0.5 games of the Reds for the second NL Wild Card. That’s right. The Titanic has rose from the watery deep and brought itself to a ½ game out of the second NL Wild Card. Despite being left for dead on the side of the playoff road, the Cardinals have actually fought and clawed their way back into it (thank you for the idiom, Mike Shildt!). Sure, the Padres and Reds have each had their respective meltdowns that have led to this miracle, but the Cards have also been playing some pretty solid baseball as of late.

Aside from those two absolutely horrific walk-off losses to Pittsburgh (WTF!!!) and Milwaukee, the Cards have managed a respectable record against some very tough teams. Honestly, I thought the Dodgers were going to march into Busch Stadium and demolish the Cardinals, and they were going to leave the Lou with a series sweep with a run differential of +678 for just this series. But damn it if the Cards didn’t split the series with the blue juggernaut. These somewhat insignificant little victories have all added up, and have placed the Cardinals in a position that I would not have thought possible.

GM? President of Baseball Operations?? Mister Doctor??? Sorcerer Supreme????

We need to give credit where credit is due. John Mozeliak, Sorcerer Supreme, has found a way to squeeze value out of five pitchers that had a collective ERA of 341.78 when he acquired them. Seriously though, there have been some rough patches, but LeBlanc, Happ, Lester, McFarland, and Garcia have been great for the team, and they are a big reason why they seem to have righted the ship and are nipping at the second wild card spot. Let’s not forget the two-headed dragon of Goldschmidt and Nolan that has been mashing at the same time (Finally). The infamous Cardinals Devil Magic has once again made its presence known. Will this team end up sneaking into the playoffs? Hell, I have no idea. Especially since, despite EVERYTHING, they are back in it. Maybe, just maybe, we should enjoy the ride and see what these guys have in store for us.

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