Dear John: Cardinals Continue to be their Own Worst Enemy

I’ve been trying to write this article for weeks now, and it always seems so difficult to write due to the various degrees of anger that I experience when thinking about it. The original opening line of the article read “David Stearns is everything John Mozeliak wishes he can be.” But after the Cardinals continued to flounder around the .500 mark as the weeks progressed, I realized something. I no longer believe Mo wants to be like the venerable Milwaukee Brewers GM. Mo is being exactly who he wants to be. A President of Baseball Operations that sits on his hands in Spring Training staring coldly at an obviously thin starting rotation. One that flatly refuses to help the team when all but one starting pitcher goes down to injury, and the team flounders along bleeding out on the field. A front office general that allows his bullpen to walk the entire population of the Milky Way galaxy, pissing away game after game until the division and wild card are out of reach.

Sure, Mo made some moves to shore things up, digging deep into the waiver wire to pick up some bullpen arms and trading for some vets in their twilight to throw a half empty bottle of water into a massive forest fire. But those moves are right in Mo’s wheelhouse. Buying low, hoping to catch lighting in a bottle so he can cash in and leave with a championship ring. Mo is the baseball executive equivalent of a Reddit Trader. Nolan Arenado fell into his lap because of the abject failings of one of the three GMs that are actually worse than him. Paul Goldschmidt was a pretty solid move, I’ll give him that. But even he sullied that trade by doing absolutely nothing else to strengthen the team.

This 2021 Cardinals team, seemingly destined to break even at best, is working as built. I have no idea where this team goes from here, but John Mozeliak has to change or the entire league is going to pass the St. Louis Cardinals by, instead of just every team except for the Pirates, Diamondbacks, and Marlins.

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