Top Stocks To Watch For The NFL Season

As we head into the NFL season it’s time to look at some stocks I believe are worthy of buying shares of. We are going to look 

All win totals will be from

Let’s begin.


Kansas City ($64.01/share), Tampa Bay ($57.12/share), and Buffalo ($53.35/share). VI has the win totals set at 12.5, 12, and 11 wins respectively.

These stocks are going to do three things for you:

  • Win double-digit games
  • Win their division
  • Get into the playoffs

With the payout of .50cents per win, if you purchase shares of these stocks they would pay you back 10% at the end of the year BEFORE you factor in the natural rising of a Blue Chip stock. 


Arizona ( $44.51/share) and Las Vegas ( $40.73). VI has win totals set at 8.5 for ARZ and 7 for LV. With those projected win totals ARZ would net you 

Alright, both of these teams coming off of 8 win seasons. Both teams looking to make the jump to the next level. 

Arizona has a second year HC/QB combination that wants to make their presence felt with authority. 

Las Vegas has a HC who wants to get back to his old winning ways and a QB who has gotten statistically better every year he has been in the league and doesn’t want to be the bridesmaid anymore. 

IF you think either one of these teams are going to break out and take off then take a shot. Based on the projected win totals from VI x the payout of each win, if you bought into these stocks right now you would net 9.5% on ARZ and 8.5% on LV, that’s without the movement of stock throughout the year.


Detroit ( $38/share) , Jacksonville ($41.53/share) and Houston ( $30.25/share)

VI has the win totals set at 4 for DET, 6.5 for JAX and 4 for HOU. 

These three stocks are really the “long shot” plays. Campbell bringing a new look and new energy to Detroit, rookie HC/QB begin their reign in Jacksonville…and, well, Houston…

These 3 teams have at least SOMETHING you could talk yourself into, if you are living on the wild side.

Goff is in a new environment that is going to love him better, they revamped their defense and O-line through the draft, and Campbell is going to do everything he possibly can to bring relevance back to the team he once played for.

Lawrence is THE GUY from the draft, Urban Meyer is moving up to see if he has what it takes to make it in the NFL, and this is already a young team that has talent everywhere. They have already locked up third place in the AFC South, can they win more than 1 game? Could they win 6 or 7?

The Texans only hope is if an inept offensive coach running a team lead by an inept front office can somehow protect their star QB who probably will never play another down for them in his life. 

The expected win total vs current share price for these teams don’t make a lot of sense if you are in it for this season. 

Let me know who is on your radar for this season! 

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