End of An Era

Yesterday, Barcelona made the announcement that Lionel Messi would no longer be involved with Barcelona due to LaLiga’s strict financial rules despite the fact Messi and Barcelona agreed on the terms of his new contract. For the first time ever, Messi will no longer be a Barcelona player and this is the end of the most successful era in the history of Barcelona.

The football world is waiting to see what’s Messi’s next move because of the ramification that has going forward. Several reports indicate PSG are the favorites to sign one of the greatest players the beautiful game has ever seen. Messi signing with PSG also has big consequences for the Real Madrid/Mbappe story. Chelsea are also a team looking to sign Messi, but the favorites are PSG.

Messi joining PSG would be the best fit for him. The team has a lot of Spanish speaking players and that will help big time to his integration of the squad. Messi would also be joining a competitive team and a core of players that just 2 years ago were in the Champions League final. An attacking trident of Messi-Mbappe-Neymar would be some beautiful football to watch ,although, If Messi joins PSG that also means due to financial fair play rules they would need to sell some players and this goes back to the Real Madrid/Mbappe story.

Barcelona will now begin their rebuild. The good news is that Barcelona already has some promising young players they can build around for the next few years. Players like De Jong, Pedri, Moriba and Fati are a great young core of players. Barcelona needs to add few more players and in a few years Barcelona will be a competitive team once more.

Barcelona now begins a new clean sheet, well not really, they still have several financial problems that need to be solved first. Once those are solved and the right players are acquired, this team will be back on track. When will that happen? Only time will tell with Barcelona and this new era the club is entering.

La Liga loses once more another important player and questions about Javier Tebas’ (president of LaLiga) reign are being made. It doesn’t help that Tebas is feuding with the presidents of the two most important clubs in Spanish football (Florentino Perez- Real Madrid and Joan Laporta- Barcelona) due to The Super League and the new deal with a CVC recently announced. The ramifications of Messi leaving Barcelona and Spanish football are bigger than anyone could imagine and the consequences will be felt in the long run.

Spanish Football and Barcelona yesterday witness the end of an important era for the league and what brings this new era will be interesting to watch, but it feels like the other important leagues in Europe are getting ahead of what was once considered the best football league in the world. With Barcelona, there’s a lot of questions of a world post-Messi and what that will bring to one of the biggest clubs in the world.

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