Tony’s 5 NFL 2021-2022 Futures Value Picks

At first glance ahead of the the first preseason game, the NFL futures have some tempting futures that would be worth looking at and considering placing an early wager on. Here are my 5 favorites!

  1. Carolina Panthers UNDER 7.5 Wins -115

The Carolina Panthers seemed to improve under first year coach Matt Rhule. However, that doesn’t make their schedule any easier. As the Panthers are currently in the NFC South, which has the defending Super Bowl Champs, perennial contenders New Orleans Saints, and an Atlanta Falcons team that should be much improved under a new coach and a fairly difficult schedule, reaching 8 wins is going to be a struggle for Rhule in his second year. Their schedule through the first half is:

At Texans
At Cowboys
At Giants
At Falcons

If the Panthers can navigate some winnable games at home and handle what should be a terrible Houston Texans team, they could have a nice start. However, outside of the Jets and Texans games, most of these games seem like they’ll be losses. The Saints should still be good enough on the ground with Alvin Kamara to win on the road or at home, Dallas’ offense will return to form with Dak back, and playing the offenses of the Eagles, Vikings, Giants, and Falcons in a 4 week string is brutal. The second half of their schedule is even worse:

At Cardinals
Washington Football Team
At Dolphins
At Bills
At Saints
At Buccaneers

I fully expect the Panthers to be dogs in every one of these games. The back half of their schedule has several games that will prevent them from reaching that 8 game win total that would bust this bet. I absolutely love taking the Panthers at UNDER 7.5 wins.

2. Houston Texans UNDER 4 Wins -115

I don’t need to write much about this pick. The Texans will not have Deshaun Watson one way or another. Will Fuller departed. JJ Watt departed. DeAndre Hopkins left two seasons ago. David Johnson is the star running back for this team and Tyrod Taylor will likely be the starting Quarterback for this team. There is no way they are a competitive football team.

3. New York Giants UNDER 7 Wins +110

This is a tough pick to make as I think the giants are going to be a decent football team capable of beating many teams, but their schedule is absolutely brutal.

At Washington Football Team
At Saints
At Cowboys
at Chiefs
at Buccaneers
at Dolphins
at Chargers
at Eagles
at Bears
Washington Football Team

There are certainly winnable games here with the Broncos and Panthers at home. However, their road schedule is very, very tough. While division rivalry games in the NFC East are almost always a toss up, even splitting those games gets them to 3 wins, potentially 2 more in Broncos and Panthers, but where do the other 2 wins come from? The Bears could be a winnable game, as could the Chargers, but this team will struggle to find 7 wins. This will be a close one all season as the Giants will likely flirt with looking like a .500 team most of the year, but I think they’ll ultimately fail to have a record better than 6-10.

4. Regular Season Highest Scoring Team LA Rams +1600

This is a fun prop bet that seems like it would be worth throwing some cash on. As you can tell from my NFL MVP article, I’m big on the potential of Matthew Stafford on the Rams even with injury to Cam Akers. Stafford has thrown for 20 or more touchdowns in every season since 2011 except the 2019 season which was cut short by injury. He has had a rating hovering around 90 every season since 2015 and has had absurd yardage numbers since 2011. The man can throw the football even in tough personnel situations like what he faced in Detroit. The Rams have shown the ability to score in previous seasons and should be revitalized to score again this year. I expect the Rams to be the best show on turf this season.

5. Lowest Scoring Team Houston Texans +400

The Texans are going to suck.

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