Early Afternoon MLB Odds, Trends and Picks 7/21/21

NBA Finals hangover? Have no fear, the MLB is here to dabble in!

We’re past the All Star break for Major League Baseball and we’re heading toward the drive to the playoffs! It is now baseball’s time to shine (if you’re not watching the Olympics) and us bettors that were invested in NBA playoff gamelines can now turn our eyes toward America’s favorite past time.

For my first MLB betting article, I’ll give you my picks for the early afternoon slate of baseball:

Baltimore Orioles vs Tampa Bay Rays OVER 9 Runs

The first game of this series hit 12 total runs. The Rays have seen over 9 runs in 4 out of their last 5 games while the Orioles have seen this run total in 3 out of their last 5. Scoring has been high so far in this series with 7 runs and 12 runs in each of the last two days. Tampa Bay is the heavy favorite here (-240), so not much return on your money here, but the run total is certainly an interesting bet to wager.

San Diego Padres vs Atlanta Braves OVER 7.5 Runs

Trends for both of these teams indicate a possibility for a high scoring game. Although their first matchup of this series combined for just 3 total runs, each of these teams has seen over 9 runs multiple times. The Padres have been involved in games totaling over 7.5 runs in 3 of their last 5 games while the Braves have seen over 7.5 in 4 of their last 5 games. The weather checks out for clear skies which should help scoring if bats are hot. I’m also taking San Diego Padres moneyline in this game (-125)

New York Mets vs Cincinnati Reds OVER 10 Runs

Clearly, I want runs. I want runs bad. I’m looking to see lots of runs because life is way too short to bet the under. Each of these teams gives up a ton of runs. The Mets have seen over 10 runs in 3 of their last 5 games. The two games that didn’t see 10 runs had over 5 runs. The Reds have seen a ton of scoring, too, with over 10 runs in 3 of their last 5. This series has already seen a 26 run game total and 7 runs were scored in yesterday’s contest. Weather is good in Ohio and shouldn’t effect the game total. This may move up to 11 before game time, so get this bet in fast!

Kansas City Royals vs Milwaukee Brewers OVER 9 Runs

Once again, I am asking the baseball gods to give me all the runs. Similar trends with these two as both teams have seen over 9 runs in 3 out of their last 5 games. Their first game saw a total of 7 runs in the game. If trends hold, this should be a high scoring affair again for the early afternoon.

If you’re interested in parlaying these picks, the odds should payout around +2527 netting you $125 win on a $5 bet!

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