A Close Race for LaLiga

A Close Race for LaLiga

Atlético de Madrid (73 points), Real Madrid (71 points), Barcelona (71 points) and Sevilla (70 points) are in a close race to win the 2020-2021 season champion of LaLiga. With only 5 games left, anything is possible and LaLiga is wide open to take for any of these 4 clubs. Several key factor will determine which of these 4 teams will be LaLiga champion.

Atlético de Madrid

Atlético are currently first with 73 points and with an interesting schedule a head. What the problem then? Atlético are not currently at their best and have only won 2 of their last 5 games. Atlético have seem to lost their mojo during the last part of LaLiga and this help Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla catch up. Atletico need to win all theri 5 games left to become LaLiga champions once more ( last time was in the 2013-2014 season).

Atlético’s Schedule:

  • vs. Elche (Away)
  • vs. Barcelona (Away)
  • vs. Real Sociedad (Home)
  • Osasuna (Home)
  • Valladolid (Away)

Atletico’s schedule is quite interesting. The games against Real Sociedad (5th) and Barcelona (3rd) are the toughest games they have and could help them or ruin their chances of winning LaLiga. The games against Elche, Osasuna and Valladolid are games Atlético should win with no problem, but with their current poor form on the pitch, anything is possible.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid with 71 points are currently second and all their chances of winning LaLiga depend on Atlético dropping points on their last games. Madrid has several disadvantages going into these last 5 games. injuries and the toughest schedule out of the 4 contending teams. Things don’t look easy for the current Spanish champions.

Real Madrid’s Schedule :

  • Osasuna (Home)
  • Sevilla (Home)
  • Granada (Away)
  • Athletic Bilbao (Away)
  • Villareal (Home)

Real Madrid’s hardest games are against Sevilla (4th), Bilbao (9th) and Villareal (7th). Granada and Osasuna should be underestimated and the fact Real Madrid are not the most consistent team, makes these 5 games must-win for them in order to win and pray Atlético drops points against Barcelona or Real Sociedad. Let’s not forget that Real Madrid is also the only team remaining on the Champions League.


Barcelona has the easiest schedule in comparison tot he other contending teams. Barcelona have been playing really well in their last games and Messi is in top form for the last part of LaLiga. Experts think Barcelona are the favorites to win LaLiga this season.

Barcelona’s Schedule:

  • Valencia (Away)
  • Atlético de Madrid (Home)
  • Levante (Away)
  • Celta de Vigo (Home)
  • Eibar (Away)

The only game Barcelona needs to worry about is against Atlético. The rest of games should see Barcelona taking the 3 points, but with the recent upset they had against Granada, anything is possible.


Sevilla are the underdogs of the 4 teams competing to win LaLiga. Sevilla have been in great form these last 2 months and now they are closer than ever to win LaLiga . Their schedule has some key games they need to win in order to win LaLiga, they also need for Atlético to drop points in their next 5 games.

Sevilla’s schedule:

  • Athletic Bilbao (Home)
  • Real Madrid (Away)
  • Valencia (Home)
  • Villareal (Away)
  • Alaves (Home)

The games against Bilbao, Villareal and especially the game against Real Madrid are vital for Sevilla’s claim to LaLiga title. Right now LaLiga is the most exciting top league in Europe right now and any of the 4 teams have a good chance of winning this season’s LaLiga.

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