UEFA EURO 2020 Round of 16 Preview

With the group stage finally over, the Euros will start on june 27 the round of 16. In the Euros, anything is possible and any match-up could could see a major upset. One thing is for sure, all games promise excitement for all supporters of the beautiful game.

Belgium vs. Portugal

The 2016 Euros champions Portugal face the golden generation of Belgium. The clear favorites of this match-up is Belgium, playing and squad wise they are superior to Portugal, but the current champions have Cristiano Ronaldo (current top scorer of the tournament) and with him, anything is possible for Portugal.

Belgium are most likely to advance to the quarterfinals.

Italy vs. Austria

The 4 times world champions Italy are the favorites of this match-up with Austria. Italy are undefeated for more than 30 games and they are playing some fo their best football right now. There’s very little chance of an upset coming from this match-up.

Italy are most likely to advance to the quarterfinals

France vs. Switzerland

The current FIFA world champions and favorites to win the Euros have an accessible match-up against Switzerland. Unless something catastrophic happens, there’s no way they are not on the next round. France has the best squad, but with some questionable performances on the group stage.

France are most likely to advance to the quarterfinals.

Croatia vs. Spain

One would think Spain are the favorites on this match-up, but several weak performances against Poland and Sweden put Spain on a weird position right now. The current runner-ups of the last world cup are playing amazingly with Modric operating Coratia’s midfield. This is one of the match-ups that could go either way if you think about it.

Spain are most likely to advance to the quarterfinals.

Sweden vs. Ukraine

Not much can be side of this match-up. Ukraine are one of the surprises of the round of 16 and should not be underestimated by any national team. Sweden should be very careful when playing against Ukraine.

Sweden are most likely to advanced to the quarterfinals.

England vs. Germany

This is the most interesting match-up of the round of 16. Two of the favorites to win it all face each other early on the tournament. The excitement for this match up is in the air. Both teams have had some weird performances on this edition for the Euros (especially Germany) in the group stage. This is split decision and any of the two national temas could easily be on the next round.

Germany are the favorites to advances ti the quarterfinals.

Netherlands vs. Czech Republic

Netherlands have been playing really well so far on the tournament. Logic would tell anyone that Netherlands are the favorites on this match-up and you would be right, but this is the Euros and anything is possible in this tournament.

Netherlands are most likely to advanced to the quarterfinals.

Wales vs. Denmark

Another match-up where any of the teams has a good chance of advancing to the next round. Wales however do have a better squad and that will play a huge factor on deciding who advances to the next round. It all depends on Bale and his performance.

Wales are most likely to advanced to the quarterfinals.

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