Real Madrid’s Comeback

Real Madrid is now second in LaLiga with 1 point less than the current leader Atlético de Madrid, while also being in the semifinals of the Champions League and the only Spanish club left on the biggest competition in Europe. If you would’ve told me all that would happen 6 months ago, I would’ve told you to stop lying this is impossible considering the squad Real Madrid has and yet again this club proves everyone wrong and they are competing for two major titles.

The 2020-2021 season has been weird for Real Madrid in a lot of ways. It didn’t start in the best ways and a lot of people expected the club would not even get out of the group stage of the Champions League and to qualify to the Europa League instead. On LaLiga things weren’t going great for Madrid for the longest time and all this while Atlético de Madrid were the most consistent team in Spain.

Many months later, and look at Real Madrid and the Madridistas (Real Madrid fans) now. Excitement is the air of Madrid and people believe Madrid could win it all. What were the factors that lead into Real Madrid’s miraculous comeback?

Tight Locker Room

The Real Madrid locker room is very tight. It’s the most complicated locker room in all sports. The pressure is on since day one and winning is all that matters. The locker room went through some tough times due personal reasons or COVID-19 like the rest of us and yet they kept their heads high and kept working.

Zinedine Zidane has done an incredible job this season managing the team, even when people were clamoring for his resignation. Zidane worked through all that and the results are finally showing for him and the squad.

The leadership of Sergio Ramos as captain of the squad needs to be mentioned. On and off the field, Ramos has shown to be Real Madrid’s backbone and help the team as it may be.

The Real Madrid Philosophy

In 1986, Real Madrid lost a away game against Inter and hope left lost. Legendary Real Madrid player Juanito (Juan Gomez) after the game stated the following phrase, “90 minuti en el Bernabéu son molto long.” (90 minutes in the Bernabéu are very long), and in did they were very long. Real Madrid were able to turn the tables around and won their home game against Inter and advanced to the next round of the Europa League. Real Madrid would end up winning that year’s edition of the competition.

Real Madrid philosophy of not giving up until the bitter end has help the team on some crucial moments of the season and now the result are showing big time for a team that has had a very complicated season and thing look to be that way for the remaining of the season.

Can They Win LaLiga and Champions League?

This is a hard question to answer. This team has faced injuries all season and the team has had to make experiments like we saw with Valverde playing as a right back during the game against Liverpool for the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

There’s still many games to play and the squad feels a bit short at the moment due to injuries and Real Madrid’s LaLiga Schedule is not an easy one. Only time will tell if they will be able to face the major challenge they have ahead of them.

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