Overall Look Of The Spanish Clubs in the Round of 16 of the Champions League

The Round of 16 is officially over and now only one Spanish club remains alive in the competition, Real Madrid. To say the east this is very disappointing news to Spanish football.


Of all the Spanish clubs, Barcelona had the toughest match-up against last year’s runner-ups PSG. The first leg game was a complete disaster for Barcelona and saw the talent of Mbappe destroy their defense that first game.

For the second games, Barcelona played a lot better, but were not able to take advantage of the many opportunities they had to make a goal. While Barcelona lost the series and are eliminated of this year’s edition of the Champions League, there is light outside of the tunnel for the team. The young players from La Masía played really well and showed the potential a lof these young players have in the future.

The team lately has found finally their footing and now they are second in LaLiga and with still time to fight for it until end.


Sevilla did not have an answer for Haaland and that’s the perfect way to describe the first and second leg of this series. Sevilla were looking to prove they were more than a Europa League team and to get to the level and once again, Sevilla was not able to get the deal done.

What’s next for Sevilla? Sevilla are fourth in LaLiga and are fighting for a Champions League spot. It will be interesting to see if their early elimination from the Champions League will impact their performances in Laliga going forward.

Atlético de Madrid

This is another disappointing Champions League season for Atlético de Madrid. “Los Colchoneros” were the favorites to win the series and advance to the next stage of the tournament against Chelsea. Atlético de Madrid’s ultra defensive style of play was what ultimately doomed them from the start.

Atlético de Madrid are currently first in LaLiga standings and so far are the most consistent team out of the Big 3 of Spain. Will this elimination affect Atlético de Madrid on their way of winning LaLiga? This question spices the battle for LaLiga even more, especially considering “Los Colchoneros” have dropped key points lately.

Real Madrid

Football works in mysterious ways. Real Madrid in comparison to Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, is the least consistent team and yet, they are the only Spanish team left alive on the competition.

Real Madrid played a smart series against Atalanta and with a little bit of luck, Real Madrid was able to advance to the next round.

Can Real Madrid win the Champions League? It’s very hard to tell. While Real Madrid are very inconsistent, historically this team has always been very lucky in this competition and anything is posible with Real Madrid.

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