First Leg Analysis of The Spanish Clubs in The Champions League Round of 16

The first leg for the Spanish clubs is officially over and we can analyze the performances of each club during this first leg of the round of 16. With only one team getting a win on this first leg, Spanish clubs let a lot to be desired in the pitch.


Barcelona lost 1-4 to PSG thanks to an incredible performance from Kylian Mbappe. All the odds are against Barcelona and there is no way they can comeback from this terrible result. Unless Deniz Ayrtekin is the referee of the second leg game, Barcelona has zero chances of advancing to the next round.

The game against PSG exposed a lot of the weakness Barcelona has at defense and unless we see major changes for the next game, Barcelona are in serious trouble, especially considering Neymar and Di Maria will be back.

Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid was too passive against Chelsea and this cost them the first leg game and lost 1-0. At times, Atlético de Madrid was playing a 6-3-1 formation. If Atlético de Madrid want to pass to the next round they need to be more aggressive on the attacking end.

Atlético have all the pressure against them for the second leg and being passive again would be a massive mistake for the team managed by Cholo Simeone.


Haaland excellent performance was the decisive factor of this game. The Sevilla defense need to be more persistent with Haaland or the same result will be the same one. Sevilla really want to take the label off of a Europa League team and advancing to the next round would help big time with that.

Sevilla will need to go all out on this second leg game or they can say goodbye to this competition once more.

Real Madrid

Of all the Spanish clubs in this competition, Real Madrid are the most inconsistent of the four and yet they were the only ones to get a win in their first leg game. Real Madrid got very lucky with the red card Atalanta received and that played a huge factor on the game.

Real Madrid can feel relaxed that they got a good result out this first leg game, especially considering all the injuries the squad has right now, but the inconsistency they have could bit them in the ass, unless they are able to play well in the second leg.

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