NHL Outdoors in Lake Tahoe Suspended Until 9:00 p.m. Tonight

NHL Outdoors is taking place in the beautiful Lake Tahoe both today and tomorrow. The NHL has been working tremendously hard all week in order to ensure a top notch rink set up, quality of play, and safety for everyone.

Sadly, the sun apparently had other plans. In a year where everything has been abnormal, maybe this should have been expected.

The two games taking place in Lake Tahoe this weekend are Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Colorado Avalanche, and Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins.

We are currently through one period of action in the first game, where the Avalanche lead the Golden Knights by a score of 1-0.

On a day which was supposed to be very overcast, there ended up being no clouds in the sky. Play was not able to resume due to the sun melting the ice at a very quick rate.

After the first period, an hour long intermission ensued. Crew members were hard at working fixing the ice as best as possible while the NHL tried to figure out plans to move forward.

The two options were either send everyone back home for awhile, and resume things under the lights later on this evening, or call it off for the day completely and resume action in the morning.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman took to the microphone on the NBC broadcast and said after much discussion and hearing out the players, the NHL concluded it was “not safe or appropriate to continue in these conditions.”

The game will resume at 9:00 p.m. local time (midnight ET)

You can still watch the final two periods of the Avalanche vs Golden Knights on NBC.

Tomorrow’s Flyers vs Bruins game has been moved back to 7:00 p.m. ET, on Saturday.

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