Monday Night Raw Recap (February 1, 2021)

Drew McIntyre and Edge!

Drew McIntyre came out to celebrate his win over Goldberg at the Royal Rumble. Not too long after Edge came out and called Drew out telling him, that Drew had a target on his back. He said Drew should view him as a threat and Sheamus came out to get in Edge’s face. Edge didn’t say just yet who he would face at WrestleMania, but he did say that he would be leaving as a champion. After this in a slight surprise, Sheamus gave Drew a Brogue Kick to end the segment.

Bobby Lashley vs. Matt Riddle (U.S. Title Match)

Winner: Matt Riddle (Disqualification)

Matt Riddle tried to go after Bobby Lashley right away when the bell rang. However, that didn’t work as Bobby Lashley easily out powered him. Bobby did a vertical suplex. Matt was able to do a Floating Bro, but it wasn’t enough. Bobby got Matt in the ropes and delivered a Hurt Lock. The referee counted to five, but Bobby did not release the hold. Bobby was disqualified. After the match ended, Bobby grabbed Riddle in the hold again and put him to sleep. 

Xavier Woods vs. Mustafa Ali

Winner: Xavier Woods

This was a pretty quick match. Xavier got the upper hand right away. He sent Mustafa Ali outside of the ring with a clothesline. Xavier then threw him into a barricade. T-Bar and Mace distracted Xavier which allowed Mustafa to get a neck breaker in. Mustafa then talked crap to Kofi Kingston who was at ringside. Xavier was able to do another clothesline and did a roll up to win the match.

Miz TV/ The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Winner: Damian Priest

In this segment, The Miz and John Morrison came out for an episode of Miz TV. They gave accolades to Bad Bunny and then showed what happened at The Royal Rumble. Bad Bunny came out and while The Miz, did apologize for his actions, Bad Bunny did not.

The Miz and John offered to train Bad Bunny, but he refused. Instead he introduced Damian Priest who made his Raw debut. Damian hit The Miz right away. He took a dive over the top tope. The Miz pushed Damian into the ring post, and while Damian was on the floor, Bad Bunny distracted The Miz.  Damian got a lot of hits in. Just as The Miz was going to use the Money in the Bank briefcase as a weapon, Bad Bunny grabbed it. He then hit John with a microphone. Damian hit his move called The Reckoning, and won the match.

The Hurt Business vs. Lucha House Party

(Raw Tag Title Championship Match)

Winner: The Hurt Business

Shelton Benjamin and Lince Dorado started the maych. Shelton threw Lince across the ring. Lince quickly tagged in Gran Metalik. They did one of their tag tem moves.

Cedric Alexander was tagged in and did a clothesline. Both Lince and Gran sent The Hurt Business out of the ring, but that upswing momentum was short lived. Cedric did a snap suplex. Both Cedric and Shelton kept Lince isolated to one sing of the ring. However, when Gran finally got in, he did a lot of high flying moves to Cedric. Shelton tagged himself in. Shelton did a Pay Dirt and the match ended with The Hurt Business retaining.  

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs. Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. Naomi and Lana

(No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match)

Winners: Naomi and Lana

Before the match, Asuka and Charlotte Flair was interviewed. Charlotte felt responsible for their loss at the Royal Rumble since Ric Flair and Lacey Evans got involved.

The match started with Charlotte and Naomi. There was some exchanges between the two before, Asuka and Mandy Rose tagged in.  There was so back and forth between all 6 women. At some point, Charlotte almost got a win on Dana Brooke. Asuka then tagged in and so did Mandy Rose. Asuka did a Shining Wizard. As the match progressed, Ric and Lacey came out/

Charlotte scored a two-count on Dana Brooke when we returned from a commercial. Asuka took control of Rose but couldn’t get the pin with a shining wizard. Charlotte who was legal at the time, tagged Asuka in and then left Asuka by herself. Naomi used this opportunity to hit her finisher and get the pin winning the match for her and Lana.

Drew McIntyre Interview

Backstage Drew McIntyre did an interview with Charly Caruso. Drew said it would be an honor to fight Edge at WrestleMania. He then referenced Sheamus, and said families fight all the time. However, he did mention that this was different stating that if Sheamus could throw away 20 years of friendship so be it. Drew said he will even give Sheamus the match for the title.  After that he walked away.

Carlito and Jeff Hardy vs. Elias and Jaxson Ryker

Winners: Carlito and Jeff Hardy

This was a quick match. Elias and Carlito started off the match going back and forth. Jeff Hardy was tagged in and then Jaxson distracted him. This allowed Elias to work over Jeff for a good part of the match. Carlito was finally tagged back in. He did a Backstabber to Elias. He then tagged in Jeff who did a Swanton Bomb to win the match.

 Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Winner: Alexa Bliss

As soon as the match started, Nikki Cross tried to hit Alexa Bliss with a clothesline, but she missed. Nikki asked Alexa what more did she want? Nikki then did a headlock, but Alexa escaped. Alexa toyed around with Nikki, smiling at her and dodging all of Nikki’s attacks. Alexa was going to use to the Mandible Claw but Nikki countered it. She got Alexa in the corner and stomped her down.

A bit after that, Alexa changed to her old self or as she was known, the Goddess. Nikki seemed confused at first, but then she attacked Alexa again. Alexa changed back into Fun House alter ego. She hit Nikki with a shoulder tackle. Then she did a modified Sister Abigail to win the match.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Winner: Edge

Before the match, both Edge and Randy Orton gave promos. In the very beginning, Edge was strong getting a lot of offense in as this was to be their final encounter for this storyline. Edge tried to do a submission, but Randy countered it slowing down the pace of the match. Edge hit an Edgecution and Randy sent him into the steel steps.

It seemed that Randy dominated a lot during the match until Edge did a flying clotheslines to counter a superplex. Randy was knocked into the barricade. Randy was about to do a RKO, but Alexa Bliss appeared at the top turnbuckle with black blood coming out of her mouth. This allowed Edge to use the distraction to do a spear and win the match this ending the feud.

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