Monday Night Raw Recap (January 25, 2021)

Drew McIntyre and Goldberg Segment

Monday Night Raw opened up with the return of Drew McIntyre. He was gone for 2 weeks after being diagnosed with covid 19. He talked about losing he sense of smell, and his recovery. He said that he knew Goldberg always beat his opponents, but this time it would be different. This time he would end Goldberg’s streak and come out of The Royal Rumble, still the champion. He dedicated this match to those who had to fight through covid-19.

The Miz and John Morrison came out to interrupt. After some taunts from them to Drew, Goldberg came out saying Drew was the next guy on the list for him. The segment ended with Goldberg and Drew spearing and doing a Claymore to The Miz and John Morrison, Finally, the two men stood face to face hyping up their match for the Royal Rumble.

Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler

Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke vs. Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Lacey Evans (2 times)

Winners: 1st Match- Charlotte Flair, Second Match- Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke, Third Match- Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Lacey Evans

The match up between Charlotte Flair and Shayna Baszler was quick. Mere seconds actually before Nia Jax interfered and Charlotte won because of a disqualification. During this Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out to help Charlotte and in turn this led to Lacey Evans coming out. This brawl led to a 6-woman tag match. Once again at the start of the match, Charlotte and Shayna squared off. However, the action went outside of the ring and because Shayna did not make it back to the ring in time, the referee called for the match to end and made Charlotte, Mandy and Dana the winners.

Adam Pearce then came out during a commercial break and restarted the match. Now, Dana and Nia faced off. Nia beat up Dana even doing a modified cobra clutch. Dana tagged in Mandy and Mandy beat up Lacey. Not too long after Charlotte was able to hit Shayna with a spear. Dana found herself tagged back in and Nia did a choke bomb and then a leg drop to win the match.

Xavier Woods vs. Slapjack

Winner: Xavier Woods

As the feud between Mustafa Ali and Xavier continued due to Mustafa’s anger at Kofi for stealing his moment, Xavier was forced to take on Slapjack. This match was pretty quick, as Xavier was able to pick apart Slapjack. He did a honor roll and then finished with a Shining Wizard to get the win in this match.

Afterwards, Xavier was knocked down to the floor by T-Bar. Then T-Bar and Mace did a double chokeslam bomb to Xavier. Mustafa then asked for a chair. He sat in front of Xavier calling him a peasant. He also said he was Kofi’s replacement in the Rumble as Kofi is still out with an injury.

VIP Lounge

The Hurt Business came out to the ring for a new edition to The VIP Lounge. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander gifted MVP with a gold THB chain for his help and for his belief in them. Cedric took all the credit for it which seemed to piss off Shelton. During this R Truth came out with the 24/7 title. This was followed by the usual people such as Akira Tozawa coming out and chasing him. The Hurt Business seemed annoyed and beat up all involved. This left MVP alone in the ring. While, he stood alone, Matt Riddle came out and did a big knee before scurrying out of the ring.

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Sheamus vs. John Morrison and The Miz (2 on 1 Handicap Match)

Winner: Match 1- Sheamus Match 2- John Morrison and The Miz

In the first match up, we had Sheamus and John Morrison. There was so good back and forth, but Sheamus prevailed getting in an armbar. John was able to fight back a bit, but Sheamus seemed to have the upper hand for a good part of the match. John finally turned it around, by going after Sheamus’s leg. Sheamus turned the tide again and John fought back, but he was no match was Sheamus. Sheamus gave a knee to John’s face before doing a White Noise to end the match with a victory.

For match two, The Miz was already by the ring, dressed in wrestling gear and challenged Sheamus to a 2 on 1 match. In the beginning, John and The Miz got the advantage beating up Sheamus in the ring and on the floor. They dominated for most of the match honestly. Eventually, Sheamus was able to do the  10 Beats of the Bodhran on both of them. He set up to do a Brogue Kick, but John grabbed him. However, Sheamus was still able to putt off the move. While it seemed Sheamus may have won once again, The Miz was able to do a Skull-Crushing FInale to win the match.

AJ Styles vs. R Truth

Winner: AJ Styles

Earlier in the show, R Truth told Adam Pearce that he wanted to earn his way into the Royal Rumble. This set up the match between R Truth and AJ Styles. AJ beat up R Truth for most of the match. R Truth was able to throw AJ on the floor and then use his John Cena Inspiration by doing a Five Knuckle Shuffle. R Truth then tried to do a STF. However, AJ quickly reversed this to a Calf Crusher and he won the match.

Matt Riddle vs. The Hurt Business in a Gauntlet Match

Winner for all matches: Matt Riddle

To get a chance at Booby Lashley’s US Championship title, Matt Riddle had to go through The Hurt Business in a Gauntlet style affair. Matt had to take on Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander and MVP.

Immediately, Shelton did a spine buster to Matt. He dominated most of the match and it seemed Matt just couldn’t keep up. Shelton did try to do a roll up pin to get the win, but Cedric distracted the ref allowed Matt to get out of it. Matt quickly did a roll up and won the match and this eliminated Shelton.

Next up was MVP. MVP tried to keep the peace between Shelton and Cedric. This move allowed Matt to do a heel hook and MVP tapped which caused him to be eliminated. Finally, it was Matt and Cedric. Cedric did a gut buster, and though Matt fought back, Cedric had the upper hand in this part of the match. Cedric almost got the victory, but Matt kicked out. MVP from ringside gave constructive criticism from the outside of the ring. Matt did an exploder, but Cedric was able to counter with a triangle chokehold followed by a power bomb. However, just as he did with Shelton, Matt rolled up Cedric for the win. Matt can now challenge Bobby Lashley for the US Title.

Edge and The Royal Rumble

During a video package, Edge talked about his injury that caused him to retire without losing the WWE Championship. He explained his emotions and how he felt. He also talked about while he was able to come back a year ago, this new injury changed that. After saying this, he declared himself for The Royal Rumble.

Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss

(Raw Women’s Championship Match)

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Earlier in the show, Alexa Bliss had her Alexa’s Playground segment where she recapped the last few weeks of RAW with her and Randy Orton. She stated that she missed The Fiend and couldn’t want to see him again. She also said that she didn’t feel like playing.

During this match, Asuka seemed more like herself than the previous week. While Alexa had a slight edge over Asuka in the beginning of the match, Asuka fought back even ignoring some of the mind games from Alexa. Asuka seemed to beat Alexa into her old goddess costume and she seemed like her old self. This however was short lived as Alexa seemed once again back to “Playground” gimmick as she took a knee to the face with no reaction. She tried to do a Mandible Claw on Asuka. It seemed Alexa might have had Asuka, but Randy Orton appeared with his face burned. He did a RKO to Alexa (RKOs Rated E for Everyone) and stood over her with Monday Night Raw going off the air. Because of Randy’s interference, Alexa did win, but the belt did not change hands.

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