The New York Knicks ($NYK)

The Knicks are good? 

As of this article they are 8-8 and currently in the money for the playoff picture!

Tom Thibodeau was the “Ron Rivera” hire of the NBA. He is a coach that needed to be moved on from his previous employer, but that didn’t make him bad at his job. Tom and Ron then found themselves in need of a job, and standing in front of them were two very young teams who, organizationally, was desperately searching to bring someone in that could steady the ship. 

Thibs is the perfect coach for this moment in Knicks history. This is a young team full of  kids who just need playing time. If you divided this squad up amongst the rest of the NBA, the majority would be role-players at best. Thibs is now commissioned to turn this team around, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. 

Julius Randle(26) is re-emerging as the guy we all wanted him to be when he started in LA. In the last three years, including this one, he has averaged:

  • 2018-19 — 21/9/3
  • 2019-20 — 19.5/10/3
  • 2020-21(through 16 games) — 22.5/11.5/6

Randle is emerging as an All-Star candidate, and more importantly the leader of this team. 

Randle(26) and Barrett(20) are averaging 37 minutes per game. Barrett is scoring at a pace of 18 points per game along with seven rebounds. The Knicks have four players averaging over 10pts a game and four more players at nine points per game. Thibs is doing a great job of spreading the floor with points and minutes. 

The Knicks currently have two players on their roster over 30 and both of their contracts are up at the end of this season. Along with those two, there are eight more players who have contracts expiring this off-season, half of their team. As it stands right now the Knicks also have $18,500,000 in cap space also. 

This team has: a young core, a coach that knows how to handle young talent, a lot of roster spots opening up at the end of this year, and almost $20mil in cap space to add on top of that for Free Agency.

And remember, it’s still The Big Apple. 

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