Has Atlético de Madrid clinched LaLiga?

One of the recent talking points in Spain is all about Atlético de Madrid and that their lead in points on Real Madrid and Barcelona is too big to already name Atlético the LaLiga champions. So far, everything indicates this could be the case for “Los Colchoneros”.

The current LaLiga season has seen a lot of inconsistent performances from the two biggests clubs in Spain. Barcelona and Real Madrid have not been able to find their “mojo” this season and Atlético de Madrid has taken advantage of that this season.

Atlético de Madrid, as of this moment, has the best defense on the league with only having received 6 goals and have only lost one game this season on La Liga (2-0 against Real Madrid). The team has also won 5 of their last 5 games.

Currently, Atlético de Madrid have a 4 point lead on Real Madrid (2nd) and with Barcelona (3rd) a 7 point lead, while also having played two games less than Real Madrid and Barcelona so far. If Atlético de Madrid win those two games LaLiga would definitively be pretty much over. In the other hand, from this point on every single point will be vital for Real Madrid and Barcelona, those making them more dangerous than ever from Atlético de Madrid’s aspirations to win LaLiga.

While Atlético de Madrid fans can feel confident right now for the odds of “Los Colchoneros” winning LaLiga, there’s still a lot of games left to be played and anything could happen from here to the end of LaLiga and Atlético de Madrid must be cautious going forward.

On February, we see the return of the Champions League with the round of 16 and Atlético de Madrid will face Chelsea on February 23 for the first leg and on March 17 the second leg. “Los Colchoneros” have somewhat of an unhealthy obsession of winning the biggest European club competition for many seasons now and a terrible result on this competition could could potentially mean a collapse for them and the perfect opportunity Real Madrid and Barcelona are waiting to overtaken on LaLiga table.

The last time Atlético won LaLiga was back in the 2013-2014 season. During that season they were also the that season’s Champion League Runner-up.

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