The Top 3 Stocks For Next Season

Jacksonville Jaguars(18.75/share)

  • The Jaguars have locked up the #1 draft pick…I mean Trevor Lawrence. 
  • The Jaguars offense this season is towards the bottom in total passing yards and passing yards per game. They are in the middle of the field as far as passing touchdowns go, and they have the fourth most INT’s in the league.
  • They also the Rams’ first round pick(Jalen Ramsay trade) – multiple picks in other rounds and most importantly, they have almost $75,000,000 of available salary cap to work with
  • This team could go from 1 win this season to 7 or 8 wins next season, if they make this off season count. 

Miami Dolphins($25.70/share)

  • The Dolphins are going to win 10 games this season
  • They are going to have two first round picks, including the Texans’ top-5 pick (Laremy Tunsil trade).
  • AND they also will; have, roughly, $32,000,000 in available cap use for this off season. The Dolphins are going to land a couple of big offensive weapons and look to bolster their defense to make an even deeper run next year with their franchise QB, Tua. 

Washington Football Team( $17/share)

  • WFT is WAY ahead of schedule. They were a dumpster fire a year ago, overhauled everything, including their mascot, and now they have potential to win their division and host a playoff game.
  • The defense has taken the biggest jump this year, the biggest reason for that is Chase Young. This defense is young and hungry and they fly around.
  • WFT also has close to $50,000,000 available in cap use this offseason. 
  • The reason why WFT is third on this list is because their biggest question mark right now is the QB spot. They let Haskins go, Kyle Allen is hurt, Alex Smith is day-to-day, it looks like the fate of their division title will be the hands of Taylor Heinicke. 
  • Will WFT make a trade for a QB? Say New England or Philly? Will they try and move up to draft a QB? 

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