Monday Night Raw Recap (December 28, 2020)

Jon Huber aka Luke Harper Tribute

Monday Night Raw opened up with a graphic for Jon Huber after his unfortunate and untimely death on Saturday Night, December 26, 2020. WWE has since made several posts and even included a playlist for him on the WWE Network.

Keith Lee vs. Sheamus (No. 1 Contender Match)

Winner: Keith Lee

After a promo from Drew McIntyre and a small tribute from Drew about Jon Huber/Luke Harper, both Sheamus and Keith Lee came out. Drew wanted a No. 1 Contender’s match to be started on RAW and called for a referee. Once the referee arrived, Sheamus started it off with 2 Brogue kicks back to back. Drew went to commentary once the bell rang.

After that, Keith was able to take control, throwing Sheamus around with ease. Sheamus then got Keith through a table with a top rope double ax handle.

This was a physical match and much back and forth as Sheamus tried to jeep Keith at bay, who clearly overpowered him. Keith did a spine buster and then a running crossbody, but Sheamus was able to kick out at two. Sheamus followed with a White Noise, and Keith kicked out. This match almost seemed like it would never end, but it did when Keith did a Spirit Bomb and won that match and will now have a WWE Championship match against Drew next week on Monday Night Raw.

The Miz vs. Gran Metalik 

Winner: Gran Metalik

The Lucha House Party came out and teased The Miz before the match because they didn’t think he would get his Money in the Bank briefcase back. The Miz, angry throughout the match, spent most of it jarring at Gran Metalik, and in turn, this allowed Gran to do a roll up a pin and win the match.

Later on in the night, Adam Pearce did give The Miz back the Money in the Bank briefcase, saying that The Miz was the only one who could cash in the briefcase.

Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Shayna Baszler ruthlessly went after Dana Brooke’s left arm that, at one point, it looked as if she would break it. This match was pretty decent, showcasing Dana keeping up with Shayna until she couldn’t. Shayna started to mess with Mandy Rose on the outside as she accompanied Dana to the ring.  This allowed Dana to hit a spinning neck breaker. Shayna kicked out and hit Dana with a knee strike. Quickly, Shayna placed Dana in the Kirifuda Clutch for the win. After the match, Shayna then brought Mandy into the ring and put her in the Kirifuda Clutch, which caused Mandy to tap.

AJ Styles vs. Elias

Winner: AJ Styles

Earlier in the show, Elias tried to prepare for a performance backstage with Jaxson Ryker. AJ Styles and Omos knocked on the door, aggravated about all of the noise. This was the set up for the next match between the two.

AJ Styles started well, but it seemed Elias impressively threw AJ around like nothing. Omos made sure Jaxson Ryker could not interfere with the match, and this slowed the match down. There was some more back and forth before Elias hit AJ with the Drift Away but couldn’t get the three count. AJ then hit a Phenomenal Forearm not too long after to win the match.

Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet

Winner: Mustafa Ali

Before the match, the WWE universe saw Ricochet’s interview on Raw Talk. On the show, he said he couldn’t keep losing to Retribution. Mustafa Ali gave him a message saying that Ricochet needed that help and the help should be accepted.  

Early on, T-Bar beat up Ricochet on the outside of the ring, but the referee did not see it. Mustafa then did a splash onto the floor. Mustafa then did a backstabber, but Ricochet was able to do a German suplex. Ricochet also did a Kickback and tried to get a pin, but Mace rescued Mustafa. Ricochet then beat up the members of Retribution. Just as he was about to do a 630 splash, he landed on the knees of Mustafa, but this allowed for Mustafa to do the Koji clutch and win the match.

After Mustafa told Ricochet to join Retribution for the last time, Ricochet did a Recoil and then left the ring.

Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Before the match, in a backstage interview, Nia Jax said she would enter and win the Royal Rumble. Shayna Baszler said she was going to do the same.  

Right away, it seemed Nia was taken aback by Charlotte Flair. Charlotte dominated for the first half of the match. Outside of the ring. Asuka made sure to take down Shayna, and while this was going on, Charlotte tried to do a Figure Eight. However, she hit the lower turnbuckle. Nia then started to dominate by doing a powerbomb to Charlotte. She also did a leg drop, but that didn’t end the match.

On the outside of the ring, Shayna beat up Asuka, and then she went and saved Nia from Figure Eight. Shayna then did the Kirifuda Clutch on Charlotte and caused a disqualification to end the match. Asuka came in to get Charlotte out of the hold. The Queen.

The Hurt Business vs. New Day and The Hardy Bros

Before the match, The New Day celebrated Big E’s WWE Intercontinental Championship win on Friday Night Smackdown. MVP came out to talk trash to them and then gave the mic to Bobby Lashley. Bobby said he would be entering the Royal Rumble.

At the start of the match, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were hot, doing great back and forth work between the two. Matt Riddle was tagged in, and Bobby Lashley isolated him into the corner to keep him from getting the help he needed. Finally, Matt was able to tag in Kofi, and by this point, Cedric Alexander was tagged in as well. Kofi did a Boom Drop to Cedric, and then he tagged in Xavier. Xavier did a clothesline to pay tribute to Luke Harper. These clotheslines allowed for a Swanton Bomb to be set up by Jeff Hardy. However, Bobby stopped it from happening. He put Jeff on a Hurt Lock, and Jeff tapped. After the match, The Hurt Business beat up Kofi, Xavier, Jeff, and Matt, but the tide changed when Matt did a Final Flash to Bobby.

Randy Orton & Alexa Bliss

Earlier in the night, Alexa Bliss invited Randy Orton to Alexa’s Playground. Instead of answering, we see Randy destroying the Firefly Fun House. She then challenged him to a match in the ring which he accepted.

During the “match,” Randy told Alexa to bring out Bray Wyatt. However, Alexa grabbed a big present and opened it. Inside of the present, she pulled out a gas can and some matches and told Randy to burn her like he did The Fiend. At first, Randy seemed unsure where to go with this, but this caused Alexa to pout gas on herself. She then said Randy isn’t as sadistic as he said he was before. The lights started to dim, and lighting the match, Randy smiled. It seemed that maybe Randy would burn Alexa after all, but then Monday Night Raw abruptly ended.    

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