King Henrik to miss the upcoming NHL season because of a heart condition.

Henrik Lundqvist shared some sad news today to Washington Capitals and NHL fans when he announced that he would have to sit out the upcoming NHL season due to a heart condition.

Lundqvist and the Capitals released a statement today explaining the situation and as to why. This would have been Lundqvist’s first year with a new NHL team after having a very long and impressive tenure with the New York Rangers. Lundqvist and the Capitals agreed to a one-year deal with the Capitals during the off-season, and it’s worth 1.5 million dollars.

Capitals owner Ted Leonsis said today in a tweet that “Heartbreaking and emotional.” Leonsis also made it clear that Lundqvist’s health is far more important. He also said, “We pray for his good health; the entire NHL family and we support the King.” Lundqvist earned the nickname “The King” playing for the New York Rangers. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Lundqvist “is a wonderful ambassador” for the sport. He stated that the NHL is thankful that they (league) are thankful for the necessary medical care that he will receive.

King Lundqvist

His former team, the New York Rangers, also released a statement. “We do not doubt that Henrik Lundqvist will face this challenge with the same fierce determination and grace that made him one of the greatest goaltenders ever to play the game of hockey, and an inspiration to all of us,” the team’s statement said. “He and his family are in our thoughts during this difficult time. He will always be a part of the New York Rangers family.”

Lundqvist said, “The risk of playing without remedying my condition is too high,” Lundqvist will definitely have played over 1,000 NHL games, but this will be the first year Lundqvist will not get into a game year this year.

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