Hurts and Not Exactly, The 3 and Out, NFL Week 14 Recap

NFL Week 14- 3 and Out Recap

1) Forget Tua Time, It’s Hurts O’Clock

I know I probably shouldn’t lead with a story about a team that won their Week 14 game to
move to 4-8-1, but there is a legitimate shake-up in Philadelphia. Jalen Hurts was given the
starting nod in this game, and against a tough Saints defense, everyone was writing him off and
just chalking it up to a “let’s see what he has” type of game as far as expectations went. The final
whistle rings and one of the biggest upsets of the season takes place as Jalen Hurts to the
Eagles to a 24-21 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Jalen didn’t light up the passing stats,
going 17/30 for 167 yards and a TD, but he showed his value on the ground and his ability to
open up the offense. He rushed 18 times for 106 yards but did have a fumble. That being said,
Miles Sanders had one of his best performances, rushing 14 times for 115 yards and
two TDs. Sure, the Eagles didn’t have a receiver or tight end go crazy on the stat sheet like they
may have in previous games in random places, but this team just LOOKED more cohesive. If you are an Eagles fan, you are excited because while the playoffs are probably out of
reach this season, I think that the future of the Eagles and the creativeness this offense can start with
next season is going to be fun to watch. Gone Jalen!

2) Best MNF Game Ever?
What is the most memorable part of this game? Was it the back and forth scoring action? Was it
the multiple 4th down conversions for long TDs? Was it Lamar Jackson’s nationally televised
cramp (poop) run to the locker room? Was it his triumphant return to the field for a go-ahead
TD? Or was it the kicker from Justin Tucker as time expired?

This game literally had everything, and both teams look solid even with the Browns coming away
with a loss. The AFC North isn’t decided yet, and both of these teams are expected to compete
for the Wild Card spot, so it will still be interesting to see how their games play out the rest of the
way. Lamar Jackson, despite trending on social media for apparently wrong reasons, had a career
game rushing. He only carried the ball nine times, but he totaled 124 yards and two TDs. The
Ravens as a team ran the ball great, totaling 226 yards and five TDs on 29 carries between
Jackson, JK Dobbins, and Gus Edwards. The Browns also ran well, with 29 carries, but they
totaled 138 yards and four TDs between Chub, Mayfield, and Hunt. Mayfield looks improved as
a passer as he went 28/47 for 343 yards and two TDs to one INT. Both of these teams have the
ability to ruin someone’s playoff run and make a deep one themselves.

3) Gauging the future of the WFT

“The Washington Football Team are a QB1 away from being a Super Bowl team.” This was a
popular mantra around social media as the WFT took the lead in the NFC East with a 6-7 record
after winning four straight. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as their last loss came at the Detroit Lions’ hands. Yuck. However, we see flashes of this team’s potential, and they
can be really, really good. Their defense is phenomenal, and not only are they keeping the WFT
in games, but they are also contributing to them winning them. Chase Young looks like a beast, and the future of his career is as bright as anyone else’s. This team’s resiliency was on full display
against the 49ers as they didn’t have to start RB Antonio Gibson and QB Alex Smith went down
with an injury. A Dwayne Haskins lead team secured the 23-15 win for the WFT as they finish
off their schedule with the Seahawks, the Panthers (Ron Rivera revenge game), and presumably, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles in week 17. I don’t think this team is going to be making a playoff run this year. Still, if they can convert Alex Smith to a backup QB, get what they can in a trade for Haskins, and bring in a solid veteran like Prescott or Watson or a highly touted rookie QB to learn behind Smith for a year (a la Chiefs with Mahomes), this team could make a nice little run at being very good for a few years.

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