12-Man Tag Team? AEW Dynamite Recap: December 16, 2020

12-Man Tag Team? AEW Dynamite Recap: December 16, 2020

Hangman Adam Page, John Silver, & Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party (3 stars)

A particularly fun match with enough spice and action to make the opener have some good energy. Page working with Silver and Reynolds was a treat and their chemistry works too well for a first match together, which makes the tease of him joining all that more sweeter. Matt Hardy continues his “Elitist” attitude and steals the pin from Private Party after they do the heavy lifting once Matt gets John Silver out after an elevated Twist of Fate from the apron. Keeps the tension between Private Party and Hardy going forward. They have really kickass music, though.

The Inner Circle have a cute moment accepting the “Best Performance” award from the New York Times for Jericho and MJF’s performance of Le Dinner Debonair. They get sweet on each other and have some bro love.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes announced they are having a child. I’m happy for them and wish nothing but the best.

Cody Rhodes vs. Angelico (2 ½ stars)

I felt that something was off from this, and both are capable of so much more. It was an okay match without a certain feel I’m used to with most Cody matches. The boys have too much ring awareness, because it felt like all the spots were perfect and everything was as good as it could be. But between Angelico trying to put respect on his own name as much as work on Dynamite and Cody being nearly impenetrable to even believe any outcome other than him winning here. So, the booking and build to here really killed it for me. Cody does get the win, but with the Cody Cutter, not the normal Cross Rhodes finisher.

Team Taz comes out during the celebration and congratulates him on being a father. Ricky Starks reminds Cody he didn’t get any congratulations for beating him and “Turtle Boy” TNT champ Darby Allin. And before they can attack him and put him on “paternity leave,” Sting appears to ward them off, classic WCW style.

A quick promo with Miro is him announcing that Kip and Penelope’s wedding date will be announced next week.

Eddie Kingston is in the ring with a mic to address his enemies. It’s a list. He starts with God. And he even makes himself chuckle with that one. Then he mentions PAC and his “injuries” and then he goes into Lance Archer. Lance immediately comes down and the brawl begins. Butcher, Blade, and Bunny come down to help and then Fenix and Penta come to save Lance. But guess who’s with them? PAC! A beatdown, drag-out tussle of human flesh and fluid occurs. Lance gets ready to finish off Eddie Kingston, but PAC kicks him out of the ring and Kingston, Butcher, and Blade run off.

Dustin Rhodes is backstage being interviewed and he calls out Evil Uno for his offer to join the Dark Order as “7.” And then he challenges Uno to a match.

Best Friends, Varsity Blondes, & Top Flight vs. The Inner Circle (3 ½ stars)

Unlike the 6-man tag that led the night off, this was more of a showcase match since there are twelve (originally booked for a 14-man tag match, Wardlow missed the show and Cutler was cut from the Best Friends’ team) men. Everyone got some form of action in, with Top Flight really beating everyone else in the “value” range. Individually, though, nothing more important in this match occurred except the real visual push for Brian Pillman Jr. He finally showed to the world all the hype that he’s been building on MLW and the indie scene for the short amount of time he’s been around. The Inner Circle had a good showing for each member, even had some good teamwork mixing with a ton of different combos, including the shaky MJF and Guevara. Inner Circle get the win here on a botched Hager impression of Wardlow’s F-10 and a MJF pin. They continue to attack, but Jericho and Hager get double dropkicked by Top Flight and the IC regroups and leaves.

Thunder Rosa is elsewhere with Marvez and launches into Britt Baker after attacking her after a match at Winter Is Coming. Reba interrupts her for a distraction and Britt attacks her and rubs all of her paint all over her face. She then snidely asks the camera if it’s still working or if the “ugly face” broke it.

SCU (Kazarian & Daniels) vs. The Acclaimed (3 ¼ stars)

My entire self was not prepared for the beginning of this match. SCU came out with a normal entrance, but this is Acclaimed’s first Dynamite entrance and Max Caster spits a few disses to SCU. Cool. But then Frankie Kazarian had a mic in his hand. And they battle rapped. And it was amazing. Who cares that they actually had a good match that had a surprising upset in The Acclaimed winning? THEY ACTUALLY BATTLE RAPPED IN A WRESTLING RING. And it wasn’t terrible!

Immediately after their win, Caster called out the Bucks with even more bars. They even challenged them for the titles.

Top Flight are backstage and they call out Jericho & Hager for a match next week.

Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Big Swole & Serena Deeb (2 stars)

I felt that I’ve seen this match almost frame for frame before, but that’s mainly because all of these women have worked together on AEW programming and the story here didn’t help at all. After a decent enough match that dragged and didn’t have the cleanest work, Ivelisse and Diamante did not win here, which was a weird surprise. Swole got to debut her new submission finisher, the Clearwater Cloverleaf which she has directly learned from Dean Malenko and got the win here with it. Nyla Rose comes down to attack Swole and Deeb, but Red Velvet comes to save by getting Nyla with a chair.

Best Friends mention they are excited for the announcement of Kip and Penelope’s wedding. Cool.

They announce Jurassic Express vs. 5 & 10 of Dark Order, but FTR come in and lecture the entire commentary table that they are the best tag team in this company and the world.

AEW World Title Eliminator Match – Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega (c) (3 stars)

The stipulation’s here are no DQ and if Joey wins, he gets a title shot. They only had ten minutes, but holy shit, they made every second count. Don Callis shows up and tells Schiavone to leave, but Tony refuses so Don gets a mic and calls the match live. He then hands Kenny a mic and lets him call his own match. The pride does get a little out of hand, with Joey leg dropping Omega through a table on the outside before multiple V-Triggers and a One-Winged Angel for the finish.

Death Triangle comes out, and PAC has a mic. But he’s not here for himself. He reminds Kenny after they win that Rey defeated Penta in the tournament but never lost, so how can he be the rightful champ? Callis cuts in and says he’s not high up enough to make decisions. But PAC doubles down, because he’s already talked to Tony Khan. December 30th is the date for that title defense.

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