Monday Night Raw Recap (December 14, 2020)

Opening Segment: The Nightmare Before TLC

For the opening segment and the final Raw on the road to TLC, Monday Night Raw opened up with a segment of “The Dirt Sheet” where The Miz read from the book “The Nightmare Before TLC”. The Miz read from the book as Omos, AJ Styles and John Morrison came out. John dressed as Braveheart.

“Chivalry’s dead, like your title reign,” AJ said to John before putting a fake sword into his stomach. The story finished the story where AJ climbed the ladder to win the WWE Championship. However, before the story officially finished, The Miz added what seemed to be him cashing in his Money in the Bank contract that sees him cash in Money in the Bank.

Sheamus came out to interrupt and trash talking ensued before a commercial break.

Sheamus vs AJ Styles

Winner: AJ Styles

This solid match started with Sheamus relentlessly punishing AJ Styles very early on. However, AJ was able to tie Sheamus in the topes and got off quite a few strikes which left Sheamus on the floor.  

Sheamus used a release suplex and then did a reckless abandon two times. AJ did a throat thrust, but Sheamus quickly recovered. Just as he was about to do a power bomb off the ring apron, Omos stepped in and grabbed AJ out of harm’s way.

It seemed throughout the match, Sheamus knee was giving out and AJ capitalized on that.

Back from the commercial, Sheamus elbowed his way out of Styles’ grasp but quickly fell prey to a stiff kick to the back of the left knee. The Celtic Warrior fought his way back into the match, delivering the Irish Curse, only to further damage his knee. Anytime he would gain any momentum, Omos will interfere in a way and this allowed more damage to his knee and leg. AJ was able to get him down, finishing with a pin to win the match. Afterwards, AJ and Omos then tied Sheamus feet in the ropes and attacked him with a steel chair.

Jeff Hardy and The New Day vs. The Hurt Business

Winner: The Hurt Business

This match started off early with Jeff Hardy, Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston doing a lot of damage to their opponents. During this, they taunted the Hurt Business by dancing in the ring.  

Bobby Lashley then pulled Kofi over the top rope and then to the floor showcasing how strong he is. Then he did a suplex hurting Kofi’s back. Cedric Alexander then tagged in and he continued the assault on Kofi’s back. After much beat down. Kofi was able to tag in Jeff Hardy.

Jeff was able to get some good offense in before the match spilled to the arena floor. Both Jeff and Cedric went back and forth, ending with Jeff doing a Twist of Fate before Cedric tagged in Bobby. Cedric was able to interfere and allowed Bobby to use the Hurt Lock and winning the match.

Lana vs. Nia Jax

Winner: Lana

Before the match, Asuka gave Lana a pep talk. When the match started Lana endured a lot from Nia who showed much frustration throughout the match. Lana was able to do a headscissors which seemed to stun Nia. Nia then tried to do a Samoan Drop from the top rope, but Lana was able to get free. Lana then did a double stomp and put Nia into a mat and stacked pin to win the match.

After the match, Shayna Baszler attacked Asuka and then went to the ring to help Nia attack Lana. They went after Lana’s left leg and ankle making it impossible for Lana to compete at Sunday’s TLC Women’s Tag Team Championship match. Asuka eventually came out to help, but the damage was done.

Elias and his New Bodyguard

Elias made his return to Monday Night Raw after he was electrocuted during his Symphony of Destruction match against Jeff Hardy. He was accompanied by the former Forgotten Son, Jaxson Ryker.

Jaxson said it was revealed to him that Elias’ music was the truth and he in turn will protect Elias.

Shortly after, the 24/7 champion R-Truth interrupted, which brought out Akira Tozawa, Drew Gulak and Erik. Jaxson beat all of them up before the segment ended

Keith Lee vs. The Miz and John Morrison (Handicap Match)

Winner: The Miz and John Morrison

From the very beginning, Keith Lee was able to dominate the match. He did an onslaught of offense moves before The Miz and John Morrison was able to turn the tide. Keith Lee did a double suplex which sent The Miz and John to the mat. He also did more impressive offense moves.  Keith was about to fo a Spirit Bomb on John, but John was able to escape. Both John and The Miz attacked Keith with many double team moves and then did a pileup pin to win the match.

The Firefly House and The Thunderdome

Bray Wyatt did an episode of the “Firefly Fun House” in the Thunderdome. He talked about how there will be no games at TLC when he went against Randy Orton. He did a few jokes with his pals. Ramblin’ Rabbit, Mercy the Buzzard and Huskus the Pig. After some laughter, Randy appeared on the titantron and asked Bray to join him for a game to hide and seek. Bray accepted by saying “Let the games begin!” and then the segment ended with Bray going backstage.

Ricochet vs Mace

Winner: Mace

This was a very quick match. As much offense as Ricochet did in the match, it was no match for Mace. With Slapjack interference, Ricochet was no match. Mace won this match. At the end Mustafa Ali said “this ends when you join Retribution!”

Shayna Baszler vs. Dana Brooke

Winner: None (no contest)

Shayna Baszler and Dana Brooke square off. It seemed Shayna had the upper hand beating up Dana. However, Mandy Rose made her return and hit Shayna with a kendo stick. Eventually Asuka came in as well, but this match ended with a no contest.

Hide and Seek with Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

This was a pretty good segment as the game of hide and seek seemed to show a chair that meant something to Bray Wyatt and his other life. Bray sat down and rocked in it as Randy Orton watched. Randy then attacked from behind and trapped Bray in a wooden crate before lighting it on fire.

Randy looked on with glee until, that glee turned to shock as The Fiend popped out of the box and attacked him. The Fiend did the mandible claw and the segment ended.

Matt Riddle vs. MVP

Winner: Matt Riddle

For this next match, we had Matt Riddle and MVP. Right in the beginning of the match, Matt did a jumping knee and then another. He quickly did a Floating Bro and won the match which turned out to be a squash match.

WWE Championship Ascension Ceremony for the TLC Match

To end Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre went to the ring with joined AJ Styles, Omos and Tom Phillips. This was for the special Championship Ascension Ceremony ahead of Sunday’s TLC match for the WWE Championship.

AJ told Drew he had never been in a TLC match and he will take the title. He also said after losing to Randy in Hell in a Cell, could Drew even handle the pressure. Drew responded by saying what if he wasn’t the only Scottish Psychopath he had to worry about at TLC.

The Miz and John Morrison then came in for a sneak attack, but Drew was able to get out of it.

After this, Omos distracted Drew which allowed AJ to go after his leg. He did a Phenomenal Forearm and left Drew on the ring. AJ then beat up Drew with a ladder and chair before putting Drew through a table. AJ then stood on top of a ladder and the show ended.

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