UFC 256 Recap and Results: Figueiredo and Moreno Fight of the Year Contender!

UFC 256 Recap and Results

Shooting the Sports ish brings you the Recap and results of the final UFC PPV of the year. Devieson Figueiredo 21 days removed from his last title defense looks to defend his flyweight title against number one contender Brandon Moreno who is also 21 days removed. And in the Co-Main former interim lightweight champion Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson looks to rebound against the surging Charles Oliveria. Kevin Holland takes on Jacare Souza. This card looks to be a fun one!


Junior Dos Santos vs Ciryl Gane

We kick off the night with a fight between two heavyweights. Junior Dos Santos the former Heavyweight kingpin looks to avoid losing his fourth fight in a row as he takes on highly touted prospect Ciryl Gane.

Round 1

Junior and Gane are both just exchanging very technical strikes with each other. Junior seems tentative. His last three losses are all KOs. So, Junior must be looking to establish a rhythm before taking risks. Gane is mixing up kicks nicely not just in location but speed. Gane is making this a kickboxing match and had much control of the fight. Minus a few left hooks in the end this was all Gane Round 1.

Round 2

Ciryl Gane continues his control again. He is just so technical right now and Junior just can’t get into a rhythm. Not only that can’t close the distance. Junior should establish his wrestling but just can’t. Gane goes and nails a leg kick. This got Junior’s attention. Gane now feels confident arms down and Junior is looking down looking for kicks and got popped by a jab. Two elbows later and another KO loss for JDS.

Wow some minor controversy as JDS felt that he got hit behind the head but he was turning away from the elbow and Gane wasn’t throwing that with malice. He was aiming for the right spot it was just Junior turned his head.

Winner Ciryl Gane via TKO (strikes)

Gane is incredible. In all his fights so far in the UFC, he has controlled the tempo. Many fans probably want to see him against an offensive wrestler who will try and test his overall game. On the feet, though he has been nothing but short of amazing. Unlike fellow Frenchmen Francis Ngannou, he doesn’t have the one-hit power, but he has the technical skills that are just unreal. Gane will be fed a bigger name in the top 5.


Kevin Holland vs Jacare Souza.

Mr. 2020 Kevin Holland is up next. He may not have the hype as Khamzat Chiamev and he may not win fighter of the year due to the fact none of his fights are title fights. Though going 5-0 in one year in the UFC will be an impressive feat. Charisma and skill as he goes against the former boogeyman of the middleweight division Jacare Souza. Souza is one man who many men avoided to fight at one point of time just because of how dangerous he is. Holland is facing his toughest test and it will be a fight that will propel him into the who’s who of the middleweight division, and into contender ship with a win.

Round 1

WOW PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR! So, the fight itself Jacare lands a nice takedown and Kevin Holland goes for the triangle. Jacare tries pass guard by Holland doesn’t let him with elbows. Holland trying to get back up but Jacare is so strong on the ground. Holland manages to get up and he gets in position for the guillotine choke. Jacare slips him off and Holland is on his back. He is talking to Jacare and he said too him “I had a dream about this once.” Jacare chuckled and Holland kicks off and off his back he knockout Jacare. Jacare was out COLD more strikes and Holland is 5-0 in 2020.

Dana write the check for Holland now nothing is topping this knockout and performance. Joaquim Buckley may have lost knockout of the year.

Winner Kevin Holland via KO (Punch)

Holland calls out Chimaev. I know he won’t win it from pundits but if Holland somehow main events next weeks card and goes 6-0 in the UFC. Yeah he will win fighter of the year for me.

Women’s Strawweight

Mackenzie Dern vs Vima Jandiroba

Dern and Jandiroba this a grappling fans dream. These two women are both on two fight win streaks and look to keep moving up the deep rankings of women Strawweight.

Round 1

Dern is a better striker in this fight and it is showing. This fight has become a fight where both are so good at grappling that they ignore the art all together. Dern is just establishing combos and Jandiroba is swinging overhands. Dern had control for a bit in the clinch this round was all Dern.

Round 2

Dern is in control of this round again more of the same until the near the of the round we got an eye poke and this lead to Jandiroba to recover and not only recover set up a huge knee and Dern is bleeding bad. Jandiroba gets a takedown but Dern is showing her amazing skills on the back. Dern tries to attack the legs but Jandiroba plays great defense. Not enough time to set up anything as round 2 ends. Close round but for me it is tied 1-1

Round 3

Both women’s corners told these two hey this fight is wide open and these two ladies showed it. Wow what a slugfest. This fight is just fun. The two women are going at it saying screw technique and just letting it fly with punches and kicks. Dern seems to be getting the better with her jab stunning Jandiroba. Dern was on her back for a minute after not securing a takedown. Dern gets up quick and Jandiroba seems to lose the striking battle near the end and asks her corner “how much time left?” She goes for a submission attempt but it doesn’t end up working for her as this gives Dern dominate top position to end the fight.

Dern should get the nod hear but man the sleeper fight on the card turned out to be a barn burner.

Winner Mackenzie Dern via Unanimous Decision

Right decision here and now Mackenzie Dern is on a three fight win streak. Strawweight is an insane stacked division and Dern is looking like a threat in that division. A legit top 7 opponent should be next in line for her.


Tony Ferguson vs Charles Oliveira

Joe Rogan is wooing for this one. Tony Ferguson the man who once was on a 11 fight win streak in the UFC returns after a harsh loss to Justin Gaethje to face the surging Charles Oliveira. Oliveira is a guy who many will overlook just because of his record and level of opponents but the hardcore fans will tell you Oliveira has the record for most submission wins in the UFC for a reason. Oliveira with a win here could be the fresh interesting opponent that may lure Khabib to chase 30-0. Whatever the case I wish this fight was five rounds!

Round 1

The two men come out swinging and this is the fight as advertised. Ferguson surprisingly gets slammed by Charles Oliveira and he controls this fight on the ground and in the final seconds of the round Oliveira goes for an armbar and the fact Tony didn’t tap is amazing.

Round 2

Tony’s arm is toast he isn’t even throwing it. He isn’t even using it only kicks exclusively. This looks bad and Oliveira now goes for a takedown and gets caught with an elbow opening up a huge a cut to the forehead. Tony is back on the ground and lands an upkick that paused the action due to it being an illegal kick. Replay for me shows Oliveira wasn’t down but this gives Oliveira time to wipe some of the blood away from his eye and he gets free top position. Oliveira uses to it his advantage and is dominating. Wait the unorthodox Ferguson trying to go for an inverted triangle choke? I am not sure but Ferguson tried it. Oliveira dominating this fight. Tony needs a finish.

Round 3

Not much to really report this round just more domination by Charles Oliveira. Charles just looks phenomenal Tony Ferguson is one of the best fighters off his back and he can’t get anything going. Charles could have won this fight with 3 10-8 rounds impressive.

Winner Charles Oliveira via Unanimous Decision

Charles Oliveira had a statement win and I would love to see him fight Gaethje. McGregor and Poirier might be in his way of the Lightweight title, but then again Khabib is the king of the lightweights.

Flyweight Championship

Deiveson Figueiredo © vs Brandon Moreno

21 days ago, these two men were fighting in different areas of the card. Moreno was fighting on the prelims frustrated being the number 1 ranked guy that he wasn’t fighting for the title. While Figueiredo put on a performance that cemented him as one of the most exciting stars in the sport. Saving this PPV puts Figueiredo in good graces with the company. This fight is going to be an exciting one.

Round 1

Great first round between both men. Figueiredo just not showing any feints but he is looking to brawl and landing more significant strikes than Moreno. Moreno though seemed to find a nice home for a body shot and head kick. Close round depends on you score it but based off stats Figueiredo winning this one.

Round 2

What a fight what a pace between both of these men shots after shots exchanging. Figueiredo in the early portion of the round had control of this one it wasn’t until a takedown from Moreno when this fight changed. Figueredo has an accidental eyepoke happen when trying to get up. Moreno and Figueiredo just exchange after a short time on the ground and Moreno is winning the exchanges here. The champion Figueiredo nails a beautiful combo that stuns Moreno and Moreno lifts him up and slams him down. What pace and what action as the round ends with the two men sligning.

Round 3

The crazy pace is just insane. These two men are going to war and this is entering greatness territory fights. Brandon Moreno is looking sharp. He is aiming at the body and head and looks to take control and than an unfortunate groin shot happen.

This looked terrible and it hut my package just watching it. Moreno looked compromise but the Mexican fighting spirit kicked in and Moreno just sucked it up. Figueiredo got a point taken away from him and that is huge. Figueiredo loses a point. Figueiredo gets a takedown but it wasn’t enough as Moreno got up quick and landed a clean right. This fight could be Moreno’s right now.

Round 4

Unreal. This is the best Flyweight title fight. These two men are fighting at an unreal pace every time Figueiredo gets something going Moreno lands a takedown. Late in the round Moreno lands a nice head kick that wobbled Figueiredo. Figueredo is rocked and Moreno takes control. A statement takedown and Moreno heads to the final round at least for me ahead on the judges scorecard.

Round 5

Moreno’s left arm is broken. He isn’t even trying to throw it. Figueiredo is just pacing himself and just throwing strikes to stay ahead. The turn it up near the end and Figueiredo gets a big takedown and lands some more strikes. This round wasn’t anything compared to the whole fight but the judges scorecards should be interesting


The decision not a fond one by many fans. Though the fight was super close. I had Moreno winning based on how I score fights, but I can see how they kept it close. The numbers favor the champion in the striking department. These two men on 21 days’ notice put one a fight of the year contender. Moreno became a star here tonight and Figueiredo now has that oh so rare rival in Mixed Martial Arts. This was a great fight even though I am a fan of conclusive finishes.

Sound off in the comment section what you thought of tonights UFC 256. I purchased the PPV tonight and wasn’t dissapointed. The fights were all fun and fantastic, and the main event is one of those special title fights you see every once in a while. 2020 may have been rough but we got two amazing title fights this year. This is Chase signing off from Shooting the Sports ish

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