He Does It Again El Phantasmo Wins New Japan’s 2020 Super J Cup

The New Japan Pro Wrestling has their 2020 Super J Cup winner, and he has now won it two years in a row. El Phantasmo beat ACH in the 2020 Super J Cup Finals. El Phantasmo will now move on and face Hiromu Takahashi at Wrestle Kingdom 15 on January 4th with the winner of that match moving on to face Taiji Ishimori on night two of Wrestle Kingdom.

The first match to start NJPW’s 2020 Super J Cup show was former Impact X-Division Champion Chris Bey taking on 2020 Lion’s Break Crown Winner Clark Connors. Chris Bey was able to pin Clark Connors and moved on to the second round of the tournament.

The second match of the evening had two veterans battling it out as ACH and TJP faced-off against each other. There was only one man who could advance and tonight ACH was able to overcome the near twenty-year veteran TJP by pin.

The third match of the evening for the opening round saw Blake Christian able to get the win over Rey Horus. Kevin Kelly said that Christian broke his nose shortly after the match ended.

The last match of the semi-finals gave us Blake Christian take on El Phantasmo; El Phantasmo was able to get the victory after he shoved Christian into the referee and followed it with a low blow. El Phantasmo will be moving onto the finals to face ACH.

The fourth and final match of the first round Former WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush going against the 2019 Super J Cup Winner El Phantasmo, this is only El Phantasmo’s third match since March of this year. The time away did not hinder El Phantasmo as he was able to get past Lio Rush for the victory and that was the last match of the first round.

The first non-tournament match featured a tag-team action. Fred Rosser and Rocky Romero take on Danny Limelight and JR Kratos. Limelight and Kratos were too much for Rosser and Romero and were able to get the win.

It is now time to start the semi-finals of the tournament as ACH would be taking on Chris Bey to start it off. This was the match of the evening; it was fast paced and overall, entertaining. ACH was able to get the victory of Chris Bey and would now move onto the finals of the tournament.

The last match of the semi-finals gave us Blake Christian take on El Phantasmo; El Phantasmo was able to get the victory after he shoved Christian into the referee and followed it with a low blow. El Phantasmo will be moving onto the finals to face ACH.

The final non-tournament match featured The Bullet Club’s Kenta and Hikuleo take on Ren Narita and Kevin Knight in short order. Bullet Club had no issues taking care of Ren Narita and one of the newer LA Dojo recruits Kevin Knight.

NJPW delivered with giving the fans a main event that was entertaining before the bell and after the bell.

El Phantasmo ambushed ACH while he was making his way to the ring. Phantasmo would put a beat down on ACH outside the ring, Phantasmo also picked up the J-Cup trophy and just destroyed the trophy.  The match would soon begin with ACH having his back taped up from the earlier matches in the evening. ACH attempted to backslide and then a pin attempt but Phantasmo kicked out of it easily. A moment later ACH was able to do the Hurricanrana which sent Phantasmo to the outside. Phantasmo would soon recover and was able to sweep ACH’s leg when he was up on the apron. 

Phantasmo repeatedly would go after ACH’s injured back. ACH was nearly counted out but made it back in at the last second and in-turn shocked Phantasmo. Phantasmo would continue attacking and got away with stomping on ACH’s crotch.

Phantasmo grabs ACH and hits him with a suplex on the entrance ramp and sold it as he was counted out again. ACH made it back in with one second left. Phantasmo was walking on the rope a brief time later but ACH knocked him off, and he went down hitting the apron and then falling and hitting the floor. They are back inside the ring, ACH uses the Slingshot Cutter and then went for the pin but only was able to get a two-count out of it. ACH then hit Phantasmo with a nasty Snap German Suplex for a pin attempt but only getting a two-count.  ACH now went to the top rope, however Phantasmo hit him a nice High Kick. Phantasmo does the super hurricanrana on ACH followed up with the top rope splash for just a two count. Phantasmo went for the Canadian Revolution 2 but ACH avoided him for a split second then hit a Styles Clash for the near fall.

Phantasmo now hits ACH with the V-Trigger and paid tribute to Kenny Omega’s. Phantasmo appeared to be going for the One-Winged Angel but ACH had enough energy to block it and hit Phantasmo with the brainbuster. 

ACH now is going for the Midnight Star off the top but Phantasmo stops him on the top rope. Phantasmo now is attempting the Spanish fly. ACH blocks it and hits the gut buster. ACH goes for another Midnight Star however Phantasmo gets his knees-up to soften the blow. Phantasmo pushes ACH into the ref in the equivalent way he did earlier in his match with Blake Christian. Phantasmo hits ACH with the low blow! He goes to pin ACH, but he kicks out at two!

Phantasmo is now up, and he gets ACH hit a superkick, followed it up with the Canadian Revolution 2. Phantasmo goes for the pin, 1-2-3! Phantasmo wins the Super J-Cup. That makes it two in a row for Phantasmo! It was a great and entertaining match.

After the match Phantasmo says he was disrespected, and he throws the Gold Winner’s Jacket onto the mat and then spits on it, he also destroys the trophy some more. He cuts a promo challenging “Mr. Best of the Super Juniors” Hiromu Takahashi and that ends the show.

It is now time for the Main Event, the finals for the 2020 Super J Cup with ACH taking on El Phantasmo.

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