Barcelona’s Dilema

FC Barcelona are not having a good season so far. Financially the club is on a very delicate situation and game wise, they are 10th in LaLiga and they are heading to a complicated Champions League Round of 16 with odds favoring a rematch against Bayern Munich.

The team so far is not connecting and the season has been very inconsistent for Barcelona. Messi in particular has been struggling and his performances on the pitch have not been able to show Messi’s skills.

Barcelona right now are on a delicate situation. Do they sell Messi on the winter market or do they keep Messi and wait to the end of the season and see Messi leave for free to another club? That’s the Dilema Barcelona faces right now.

Financially, Messi departure would help the team in a lot of ways especially them not paying Messi’s high wages. The money of Messi’s transfer would also serve to pay creditors and employees of the club. Another benefit to Messi’s departure it would allow the club to build a new team from scratch and focus the team around promising young star Ansu Fati.

Ever since Messi’s botched attempt on leaving the club, the Argentinean has not been the same. Messi’s clashes with Josep Maria Bartomeu (former president of Barcelona) have taken a toll on him. Maybe a change of scenery would be what Messi needs to be back to the spectacular player we are all used to see.

With the upcoming winter transfer window around, the speculation of Messi departure has slowly returned. Manchester City are the favorites to sign Messi and have a lot of things going for them like: Agüero (Personal friend of Messi) being part of the club, as well having Pep Guardiola as coach of the team and a very strong squad to compete on all major tournaments.

Manchester City are not the only favorites to land Messi. PSG have also entered the conversation lately of signing Messi and pairing him with Mbappe and Neymar.

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