WWE Smackdown Recap 12/11/2020

Live from the Thunderdome at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay, Florida. Tonight is the first show from the new Thunderdome from Tropicana Field. It doesn’t have any noticeable differences but the setting does seem to be a bit bigger.


Smackdown opens with a contract signing for the Smackdown’s Women’s Championship between the defending Sasha Banks vs. the new and improved Carmella. Sasha enters and Adam Pearce is already in the ring but opens the contract and it’s empty. Carmella joins us on screen and has her signed contract delivered by her assistant (or sommelier, as commentary hammers on tonight). Carmella mentions that she’s the Queen’s Gambit. The sommelier brings down the contract, Sasha has a Boss stamper and stamps the contract. But Sasha wants the match tonight instead of waiting. Carmella accepts and Adam Pearce makes the match official. Sasha then attacks the sommelier with the Back Stabber and flips the table on him. Not a bad opening segment, setting up our main event. But giving away an official PPV match on TV already is head-scratching.

Kayla interviews the Street Profits backstage. Montez is ready for Ziggler tonight and wants the smoke.



This match was set up by Ziggler and Robert Roode earning a victory over the champions previously. Ziggler and Roode cut a promo before the match, calling the Profits nerds and Ziggler reminds us all that he does stand-up comedy. Ziggler takes control early but Ford fights back with a big dropkick and neckbreaker. SOLO Cups rain down as we head to commercial break. Back from break with Ziggler hitting a couple long sleeper holds on the mat. Ford fights back and hits a nice standing moonsault. Ford goes to the top rope, Roode successfully distracts him and Dawkins fights off Roode. Dolph hits a superkick for the pin in around 7:30 shown. 2/5. These two guys are capable of better. Ford still looks great, though, as this probably sets up a title match down the line. The sleeper hold really halted this match.

Sami Zayn is backstage whining about how everyone has a new T-shirt besides him. But Apollo Crews has made him a white T-shirt with a hand drawn caricature of Sami. Big E. also interrupts and makes sexual innuendos.



Sami cuts a promo before the match about how he’s been disrespected. Big E. cuts him off and dominates the match early as we head into break. Back from the break, Sami is in control. Sami tries the big splash (with hip swiveling before hitting the ropes!) but Big E. makes the comeback with 3 big suplexes. Sami then makes Big E. chase Sami to the outside of the ring and then beneath the ring. Sami emerges from beneath the ring with Big E. holding on to his leg. Sami hits a few stomps while the ref keeps counting. Sami escapes Big E., hops into the ring and Big E. has been counted out in around 7:45 shown. 1.5/5. Not the greatest action, but this is not a good start if Big E. is going to get a singles push. I feel like this is a match that probably should’ve waited to happen, that way we could get Big E. a win before his eventual face off for the Intercontinental Title.

Bayley is backstage and is rooting for Carmella in the big title match tonight. Bayley starts talking smack on Bianca Belair but Belair sneaks up behind her and has actual receipts. Bayley storms off.

Carmella is interviewed backstage. When Carmella wins, she will have a champagne celebration.

We then get a recap of the last two weeks of Roman Reigns/Kevin Owens/Jey Uso. Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens in a TLC Match is official for TLC in 9 days. Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso are in the back watching a monitor. Everything is good with the family.



Kevin Owens comes out to the ring and brings in 2 chairs, a table and a ladder. Owens states that he is not afraid of Roman Reigns and he’s also fighting for his own family but feels that Roman’s family is fighting for him. Owens says that his friends, the chairs, table and ladder will help him. Jey Uso runs in and smashes Owens in the leg with a chair. Owens fights back and puts Jey through the table with the Popup Powerbomb. Roman and Heyman come out but Heyman tells Roman it’s not his time and he’ll fight Owens on his own time. Reigns and Heyman walk to the back and Owens follows him as we go to break. As we come back from break, Kalya tries to interview a bloodied Owens. Reigns attacks Owens with a steel chair and throws him into the walls. Reigns then looks straight into the camera, addressing Owens’ family and tells them to talk sense into Kevin before he takes food off their table. Great passionate promo from Owens, but Reigns is unbelievably great right now. Awesome segment, which is the norm for Roman Reigns the past few months.



This is stemming from Talking Smack last week. Cole and Graves seem SHOCKED when Natalya is revealed as the mystery partner. Natalya puts Liv in a headlock and asks her if she wants to tag her opponent. Um, why would Liv want to tag in Billie? Billie tags in after Natalya dominates Liv but Liv kicks Billie into…well, in the vicinity of Natalya and Natalya sells it as if she got smacked in the head despite nothing coming close to her head. Riott hits the Riott kick to win in about 3 minutes. 0.5/5. Big oof on this one. The Riott Squad seemed game, though.

We get a recap of an Instagram video of Chad Gable and Otis doing some training. A funny backstage promo follows as we set up Gable and Otis vs. Nakamura and Cesaro.



Otis is announced as the “Blue Collar Brawler.” Is this new? I actually kinda like that name. Lots of tagging between Otis and Gable and lots of grappling from all 4 guys as Otis shows off the training from Gable. Otis has Cesaro down for the Caterpillar but Gable demands a tag. Gable tags in and takes The Big Swing from Cesaro. Nakamura hits the Kinsasha for the win in around 3 minutes. 2/5. This was a lot of fun for the short time they had. Otis and Gable seem fun.

Back from break and Gable says that he is teaching Otis what to do by teaching him what not to do. Otis is confused.

We get a flashback of Baron Corbin defeating (not your Buddy) Murphy last week after recruiting the returning Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake. Corbin says they are the Knights of the Lone Wolf. I still maintain the Lone Wolf should remain lone, but I’m gonna pick a better hill to die on. Good for Blake and Cutler coming back, though.

Next week on Smackdown: Street Profits defend the Smackdown Tag Team Championship vs. Ziggler and Roode. Bayley goes one on one with Bianca Belair. Also, Smackdown will air on FS1 next week instead of Fox.



Crazy as it sounds, this is Carmella’s first televised match since May 1st of this year. Carmella comes out to a new, very nice entrance. Carmella controls the pace early on. Sasha hits a nice Meteora, going from inside the ring to the apron. Carmella hits a face buster on the apron as we head to break. Back from break, Carmella smashes Banks into the post twice. Banks gets back into the match by hitting 2 Meteoras in the corner. Carmella puts on a nice choke hold in the ropes while she stands on her hands. A cross body by Carmella gets a near fall. Carmella locks on the Code of Silence while Sasha reverses into the Bank Statement. The sommelier tosses in a bottle of champagne to distract the ref and he pulls Sasha out of the ring. Back in the ring, Sasha wails on Carmella for the 5-count and Sasha has been disqualified for kicking too much butt. Match ended in around 7 minutes shown. 2.5/5. Not a bad match but Carmella’s offense still isn’t all that great. Sasha still sells like a champ helping out the match. I still think we should’ve just held off until the PPV, but this is fine and builds towards TLC.

Post-match, Sasha and Carmella brawl but Carmella gets the upper hand. Carmella then smashes a champagne bottle over Sasha’s back and uncorks the champagne to celebrate. Carmella officially won the match via DQ but Sasha retains her title. Smackdown ends with Carmella standing tall.

OVERALL: D+. The main event was solid and the Reigns/Owens/Uso stuff remains to be excellent stuff. But I did not feel like the rest of the show was worth watching. Big E. taking a loss was kind of disappointing and I feel like we can see better from Ford and Ziggler. This show did a fine job of building towards TLC, though, and that’s what matters most at the end of the day.

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