Teddy’s 3 And Out NFL Week 13

We are starting the final stretch of the season and we have no undefeated teams remaining as the Steelers fell to the Washington Football Team. Here are 2 takeaways from this week, and then the third point is just the standings as we go into the final stretch as well as each team’s remaining games.

Steelers Go Down, But Give Kudos to WFT

After the Steelers lost to the Washington Football Team on Monday, social media exploded with “then there were none” tweets as well as a number of people calling the Steelers frauds and writing them out of the playoffs entirely and I had a few problems with this. First off, the focus needs to be on the Washington Football Team and Alex Smith. They played a hell of a game and Alex Smith told Curt Schilling and his bloody sock game to suck it. Their best player on offense “Scary” Terry McLaurin was held to two receptions for 14 yards, and so they had TE Logan Thomas and WR Cam Sims step up on a monster way to help them to this victory. Plus, this WFT defense is no joke! From batted balls to heavy pressure on Big Ben, they played a solid game and didn’t let an early 14-0 deficit get them down.

Secondly, the Steelers lost 1game. They are still the 1 seed in the AFC, and they have a very important game against the Bills coming up on Sunday Night Football. Yes, you can make the claim that they don’t look like a 1 seed, but has any team? You may immediately want to go with the Chiefs right? The Chiefs lost to the Raiders, and almost lost to them a 2nd time, and the Raiders had to beat THE JETS on a hail mary. The Chiefs beat the Broncos by 6 this week, and have wins over the Buccaneers (3 points), Raiders (4 points), and the Panthers (2 points) in their last four games. I think this just goes to show that no team is looking like the far and away favorites and that the playoffs could get really interesting. Especially since this win for the WFT keeps them in their playoff hunt!

Hail Mary in New York

I ranted about this in our podcast linked below, but what is happening in Las Vegas? They have given the Chiefs their only loss this season, Derek Carr has given us a Sid from Toy Story meme, they almost beat the Chiefs again, and then they were 5 seconds away from losing to the Jets. I get that the Raiders aren’t very good, but I don’t understand how you could even be in that situation just because the Jets are THAT bad. Sure, the Raiders didn’t have Josh Jacobs, but Darren Waller went nuts and had like 200 yards and 2 TDs. Sure, the Raiders are in a division with the Chiefs so they probably aren’t winning their division any time soon, but you would expect them to be better off. The Broncos and Chargers are both rebuilding, but their future looks more promising than the Raiders’ does. Also, if you are the Jets, what the heck are you even trying to win games for at this point? It is NOT worth it to get one win on the schedule to then potentially lose the #1 draft pick. There are 4 games left, and the Jets should literally make an effort to lose all of them.

Where Do We Stand Going to the Last 4 games?

AFC North-

            Steelers (11-1): @BUF, @CIN, IND, @CLE

            Browns (9-3): BAL, @NYG, @NYJ, PIT

            Ravens (7-5): @CLE, JAX, NYG, @CIN

            Bengals (2-9-1) : DAL, PIT, @HOU, BAL

AFC East-

            Bills (9-3): PIT, @DEN, @NE, MIA

            Dolphins (8-4): KC, NE, @LV, @BUF

            Patriots (6-6) : @LAR, @MIA, BUF, NYJ

            Jets (0-12) : @SEA, @LAR, CLE, @NE

AFC South-

            Titans (8-4): @JAX, DET, @GB, @HOU

            Colts (8-4) : @LV, HOU, @PIT, JAX

            Texans (4-8): @CHI, @IND, CIN, TEN

            Jaguars (1-11) : TEN, @BAL, CHI, @IND

AFC West-

            Chiefs (11-1): @MIA, @NO, ATL, LAC

            Raiders (7-5): IND, LAC, MIA, @DEN

            Broncos (4-8): @CAR, BUF, @LAC, LV

            Chargers (3-9): ATL, @LV, DEN, @KC

NFC North-

            Packers (9-3): @DET, CAR, TEN, @CHI

            Vikings (6-6): @TB, CHI, @NO, @DET

            Bears (5-7): HOU, @MIN, @JAX, GB

            Lions (5-7): GB, @TEN, TB, MIN

NFC East-

            Giants (5-7): ARI, CLE. @BAL, DAL

            WFT (5-7): @SF, SEA, CAR, @PHI

            Eagles (3-8-1): NO, @ARI, @DAL, WFT

            Cowboys (3-9): @CIN, 49ers, Eagles, @NYG

NFC South-

            Saints (10-2): @PHI, KC, MIN, @CAR

            Buccaneers (7-5) : MIN, @ATL, @DET, ATL

            Falcons (4-8): @LAC, TB, @KC, @TB

            Panthers (4-8): DEN, @GB, @WFT, NO

NFC West-

            Rams (8-4): NE, NYJ, @SEA, ARI

            Seahawks (8-4) : NYJ, @WFT, LAR, @49ers

            Cardinals (6-6) : @NYG, PHI, 49ers, @LAR

            49ers (5-7) : WFT, @DAL, @ARI, SEA

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