Monday Night Raw Recap (December 7, 2020)

Opening Segment” Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Monday Night Raw opened up with a tribute to Pat Patterson. Immediately after, Randy Orton comes into the ring and does a promo about Bray Wyatt. He tells Bray and the WWE Thunderdome, how he is the true evil. He also told Bray to let him in. Bray responded by arriving in the Firefly Fun House sans Alexa Bliss. Bray did a game show that mentioned all the horror he could inflict on Randy. At the end, Bray accepted Randy’s challenge.

Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler

Winner: Asuka

Before the match, Nia Jax gave Shayna Baszler a pep talk for her match with Asuka. They both agreed to beat up Lana for embarrassing them both

When the match started Shayna went after Asuka’s arm causing damage. As Lana accompanied Asuka and Nia accompanied Shayna, Nia was going after Lana on the outside. However, Lana was able to reverse the attack sending Nia through the announce table. Shayna seemed surprised and yelled for Lana to come to the ring. Asuka used the distraction for a roll up pin and a win.

Ricochet and Dana Brooke vs. Slapjack and Reckoning

Winner: Ricochet and Dana Brooke

This was a quick match. Dana Brooke got the first hit in, but Reckoning quickly turned the tide. Dana tagged in Ricochet and Reckoning tagged in Slapjack. There was some good offense between the two, Ricochet shining with his high flying. However, Dana was tagged back in and able to do a sit-out slam for the win.

Miz TV Segment

Before the segment, Keith Lee came up to Sheamus and said that he thought the best friend thing between Sheamus and Drew McIntyre was an act.  

During the Miz TV segment, The Miz, John Morrison and A J Styles talked about Sheamus and Drew. This led to Sheamus and Drew coming out and causing havoc. AJ rolled out of the ring to stand with Omos. Drew and Sheamus gave The Miz and John a beating. At the end, Drew threw the Money in the Bank contract/suitcase to the stage from the ring.

Kofi Kingston vs. Shelton Benjamin & Kingston vs. Cedric Alexander

Winner for Match 1 Kofi Kingston

Winner for Match 2- Cedric Alexander

In the Kofi Kingston and Shelton Benjamin match, Shelton started off the match strong. At some point it seemed like Shelton would win. However, this match ended quickly as Kofi was able to knock Shelton onto the outside of the ring and then hit a Trouble in Paradise in the ring for the win.

Right after Cedric demanded a match against Kofi and Kofi agreed. Cedric went after Kofi knee early on. Kofi tried to fight back, but Cedric hit g a dropkick to the knee and a spinning brain buster. At one point both men teetered on the top rope, and Kofi fell on his knee. Cedric then did a Lumbar Check and won the match.

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs. AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison

Winner: AJ Styles, The Miz and John Morrison

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus started the match by beating up John Morrison before throwing him over the announcer table. AJ Styles would not get in the ring and that left The Miz to get beat up by Drew.   Finally Drew was put in the corner by The Miz and John. AJ finally got involved as well and made it hard for Drew to tag in Sheamus. As soon as Sheamus got tagged in, he was also isolated and got beat up as well. AJ then tried to go after Sheamus, but he was rewarded with a White Noise.

Drew finally got in and almost gave John a Claymore, before The Miz was able to save John. Sheamus hit Drew with a Brogue Kick and this allowed AJ to hit Sheamus with the Phenomenal Forearm for the pin to win the match.

After the match, Chary Caruso asked Sheamus about the Brogue kick backstage. Sheamus said it was an accident. This segment led to a fight between Drew and Sheamus. However, once the fight was over, both men went to buy a pint of beer.

Jeff Hardy Vs. Bobby Lashley

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Before the match, Matt Riddle spoke to Jeff Hardy about teaming up as The Hardy Bros. Jeff seemed interested, but didn’t say yes.

MVP accompanied Bobby Lashley to the ring and told him to go after Jeff’s back. It worked for a bit until Jeff was able to do a lot of great reversals. MVP got involved and Matt came down to help out Jeff.

Bobby went after Jeff hard, and just as Jeff blocked the Hurt Lock, Bobby quickly transitioned it to a sleeper. Impressively, Jeff got out of it and did a Whisper in the Wind.  Then he did the Twist of Fate, he was about to do a Swanton Bomb, but Bobby was able to dodge and did a spear. Right after, Bobby did the Hurt Lock and Jeff tapped. Bobby refused to let go until Matt made the save.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

Winner: None- No Contest

Bray Wyatt started this off by laughed as he saw Randy Orton walk around the ring. The smile stayed on his face as he slammed Randy with a back body drop through the announcer.

Randy was able to turn the tide by beating up Bray, but it seemed as if Bray enjoyed the pain. Bray then did a running crossbody and a DDT. Bray tried to do the Sister Abigail, but Tandy blocked it and put his fingers in Bray’s eyes. Suddenly, the lights go out as Randy was about to do the RKO. When the lights came on, The Fiend laid next to Randy. He used the mandible claw and Monday Night Raw went off the air.  

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