UFC Fight Night Hermansson vs Vettori Recap and Results

Shooting the Sports ish is here to give you a Recap of the Main Card of UFC Fight Night Hermansson vs Vettori.


Matt Wiman vs Jordan Leavitt

This fight is a veteran taking on a young prospect. Leavitt is making his UFC debut and is looking to cement himself as a serious prospect in one of the most talent-rich divisions in the UFC.

Round 1

WOW!!! Jordan Leavitt with another impressive win! Leavitt didn’t land a single punch to pick up this win. After going for a double and Wiman looking to pull guard Leavitt walked Wiman to his own corner and slammed him for the win. Leavitt looks impressive. Jon Anik mentioned on the broadcast he just started lifting weights.

Winner Jordan Leavitt via Knockout RD 1 (Slam)

Leavitt has serious potential. What he did to Matt Wiman was impressive. I hope he does a quick turnaround. Matt Wiman hopefully isn’t seriously injured.

Light Heavyweight

Roman Dolidze vs John Allan

This is a nice fight between two prospects in the Light Heavyweight division. It will be good to see which one will be ready to face higher competition.

Round 1

Allan gets caught early in the fight and Dolidze shows great groundwork. Had a nasty heel hook in and almost finished it. Dolidze managed to get up and the two men for the rest of this round just exchange with one another. Allan gets rocked and Dolidze didn’t seem to want to finish the fight he looked like he wanted to do another heel hook. The first round was fun and I would give it to Dolidze barely.

Round 2

After the replay the knockdown was caused by a headbutt in the first round but it still stands. The two men are trading shots and still looking like they have plenty of energy. Dolidze midway hits a nice double leg takedown. Dolidze just looked great in the grappling exchange. He just controlled the rest of this round. Allan needs a finish to win this one.

Round 3.

Roman Dolidze seemed like he was pacing himself in this round as he knew he was winning and didn’t want to take any risks. Allan came out for it and tried but Dolidze takedowns were just too much.

Winner Roman Dolidze vs Split Decision

If you’re reading this and didn’t watch the fight you would probably be confused as I am. The judges are terrible giving Allan a win is just crazy. Maybe one round but man brutal whoever that judge was.

Though Roman Dolidze is a nice young talent. He needs to not take chances with submissions and just be more patient on the ground. His takedowns look awesome and will be for sure an interesting prospect in a Light Heavyweight Division that needs some new talent.


Gabriel Benitez vs Justin Jaynes

Justin Jaynes has been active this year with his fourth fight in the calendar year. Impressive feat and looks to rebound against Benitez who needs to win to avoid going on a three fight skid. Both men look to use their kickboxing skills to steal the show and earn an extra $50,000

Round 1

Fast and furious hard hitting action wow. Go re-watch this round on ESPN+ these two men came in saying all bets are off let’s have a fun one. Benitez left eye is bleeding and Jaynes has some nasty swelling on his forehead. Benitez nails a nasty knee right on the solarplex. Like UFC commentator Paul Felder said: “If you played football before and the ball lands there in your stomach and knocks the air out of you. Times that by ten.” Wow what a fun fight.

Winner Gabriel Benitez via TKO RD 1 (Knee and Strikes)

Big win for Benitez he looked much better in this performance and was rolling with punches better. He was also picking his spots this fight. This overall, though as mentioned a fun fight and one you should check out.


Ovince Saint Preux vs Jamahal Hill

OSP returns to Light Heavyweight as he faces top prospect with Jamahal Hill. OSP missed weight for the first time in his career. OSP was coming off a Heavyweight performance. Hill will earn some of OSP’s purse tonight.

Round 1

Hill looking impressive from a technical standpoint. He is showing patience against the UFC veteran. Landing some nice body shots and controlling the octagon and not giving OSP any power opportunities. OSP landed some shots but Hill was clearly in control and won round 1.

Round 2

Hill continues his work minus some nice leg kicks by OSP this is all Hill. Hill rocks OSP and a little bit of wildness shows up. The calm composure disappears as Jamahal Hill starts letting loose and finishes OSP via strikes.

Winnner Jamahal Hill TKO (Strikes)

Jamahall Hill looked impressive. He kept a calm composure throughout the whole fight, and it wasn’t until the end where Hill went wild and crazy and let loose. OSP is no joke either as he has knockout power. So, one mistake could’ve been costly for Hill. He just looked so good and got a huge statement win. Dana White must be really happy with this performance. Hill beat 15 but I see him facing someone in the top 8 soon. The Light Heavyweight division is wide open between 15-8 and Hill could see himself in the top 5 if he keeps up this streak.


Jack Hermansson vs Marvin Vettori

Jack Hermansson is looking to remain one of the top contenders in the Middleweight division though surging Marvin Vattori could be a problem. Originally Hermansson was supposed to fight Darren Till but due to an injury Till pulled out. Kevin Holland filled in but due to a positive COVID-19 test Holland switched bouts with Marvin Vettori. Vettori has a skillset that many like and he had a solid outing against Israel Adensaya who is the current Middleweight Champion. Let’s buckle up it’s time for the main event.

Round 1

Vettori showed a clear advantage in the stand up and Hermansson looked like he was trying to establish the reach advantage. Vettori landed a flush right and it looked like it was over. Vettori tried to go for the guillotine. Probably wants to beat Hermansson at his own game. Hermansson has done little compared to Vettori this could be a 10-8 round for Vettori.

Round 2

Hermansson comes out wild and after missing some strikes goes for a takedown that Vettori is able to switch. Hermansson shows some of his ground chops attempting submissions but Vettori able to reverse them. Back standing up for the rest of the round we see Hermansson gets the reach advantage but not landing anything significant. Hermansson goes for a double and lands a nice knee when he fails to land it. The round ends with both men landing significant strikes. Vettori won that round.

Round 3

Hermansson trying to get Vettori to fight wild and Vettori is not biting. This is a five round fight and Vettori is being smart but the problem is he was conserving to much energy. Hermansson is taking advantage landing a lot of good combinations. Vettori looks tired and the tide could change. Hermansson won this round.

Round 4

Hermansson now is using his reach to the full effect. Landing nice combos and taking control of this round. Vettori is answering but Hermansson’s strikes have a little bit more juice to them. Near the end of the round though Vettori turned it on but a little too late and Hermansson won round 4. Round 5 is the decision maker.

Round 5

Have you ever watched a fight and you were wondering why is the losing fighter is not trying to go for it? Hermansson showed that in the fifth round. Willing to die on the sword to keep his number 4 ranking. This is the type of guts fans love and Vettori is answering to the onslaught. What looked like a tired Vettori is no more. He seems to be have saving all his energy until the very end. Hermansson went for a desperation heel lock and Vettori ended up on top tough round but I give it to Hermansson.

Winner Marvin Vettori via Unaminous Decision

Wow shocked by the decision because I felt the fight was much closer. Good on Marvin Vettori the man has been on a roll and is a guy that knows how to promote a fight. His history with Izzy is a big deal. Vettori is in line to face Cannonier and Till in his next outing. Robert Whittaker is still someone who would be good after. Hermansson is a fun fighter and another tough main event loss for him. Credit to him, and him facing against Kevin Holland or another prospect will help him.

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