Prepare For Launch – Diary of a Houston Rockets Fan

Coming into the off-season I was really hoping we were going to hire a good coach and then trade Westbrook and Harden..Yeah, I know,’s time to move on from Russ and it’s time to move on from Harden, let him go to a contender and then let us reset with a team that plays normal basketball….YEAH,  I SAID IT.

When I heard Jeff Van Gundy and Papa Silas were in the running for the vacant coaching position I thought to myself “Holy crap….this is really going to suck.” — I actually spent time talking myself into JVG(it hurt, but I did it). Then word. Came down we were taking a shot on a brand new, first time coach – Stephen Silas – I was ECSTATIC!! f you’re going to rebuild, do it with someone new, bring in ALL of the new blood and let them work it out together. Plus, young Silas is widely regarded as a great young talent and exceptional basketball mind. I was also excited. For our choice in GM – Rafael Stone. 

So far we have made two very smart decision — Now, we. Head for free agency! We heard Russ to the Knicks, to the Clippers, to the Hornets, and Harden to the Nets. I was so thrilled to hear this. I really think we need to clear house and start fresh. 

WE SIGNED TWO..THAT’S RIGHT TWO players 6’10” tall! ON PURPOSE?!?! “Do my eyes deceive me? … are we becoming a n—nor—normal team again??”(Peace out Morey, thanks and. God bless.)

I am very excited to hear we traded Westbrook to Washington for John Wall and a 2023 pick. I mean Wall is incredibly overpaid(whole other diary entry) so we aren’t getting a price tag discount, and he’s not as good as Russ, HOWEVER, a less ornery point guard on this team may help sway Harden into staying…I want us to trade him to the Nets. He wants to go, our front office is posturing like he will “commit to the team”..nah fam…Let’s get an INCREDIBLE package from the Nets that include Jarrett Allen, Spence Dinwiddie and a handful of picks and reset hard. 

This has been Entry #1, if you’re looking for grammar, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for raw commentary from a fan, welcome. 

H-Town #ClutchCity 

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