Teddy’s 3 and Out: NFL Week 12

Teddy’s 3 and Out: NFL Week 12

It happened. The Steelers and Ravens got their game in on Wednesday afternoon (supposedly, at the time of this writing they just kicked off). While they duke it out, JV Basketball Game style, let’s get down to my three takeaways from Week 12.\

Defense Wins Championships…Right?

Defense is rumored to win championships, and so maybe the Colts and Titans game was a Titans won the battle, Colts will eventually win the war right? I think the phrase is going to shift from, defense wins games, unless the other team has Derrick Henry. Did I disguise this post as it would be pro-Colts, bit it is actually very pro-Derrick Henry? Yes of course. This man is running like a man possessed and it really doesn’t matter who is out there to take him on. Sure, you can argue that the Colts were missing key contributors on defense that helped limit Henry in their first meeting, but I don’t think the result would have been any different this Sunday.

Derrick Henry has 1, 257 rushing yards and 12 TDs through 11 games and I honestly can’t math enough with my English degree background to accurately give you a projected number, but I am going with on pace for: Eleventy billion yards and some TDs. He appears to be on pace for 1,827 yards and 17 rushing TDs. If he reaches these numbers, Henry will put forth the 18th best single season rushing season for yards and the 24th best season with rushing TDs. It will be exciting to see what he can do the rest of the way.

DK Metcalf Lives Under A Bed

You read it here first. Breaking news, DK Metcalf is the Boogeyman. From chasing down defensive backs to stop TDs, to looking and playing like a freak athlete, Metcalf is on track to be one of the greats. And what did the Eagles DC apparently do? Pissed him off. Now, I will let you decide if the comment was taken out of context (I think it was), but Metcalf went all MJ on they asses and took that ISH personally. In Sunday’s game, DK Metcalf had 10 receptions for 177 yards which put him in 1st for the NFL ranks in receiving yards this season, a spot he took from Tyreek Hill who had it for about 24 hours. On the season through 11 games he has 58 receptions for 1, 039 yards and has 9 receiving TDs.  

Since we are playing the “Teddy attempts math” game, DK is on pace for 1,511 yards and 13 receiving touchdowns. Nothing crazy record wise, but it would be a top-50 single season receiving season.

DEN/NOLA Was as crazy as you thought it would be

In the preseason or whatever you called the time before the season kicked off since there weren’t games, this was probably a game circled that could be considered a passing of the torch game. Easy now, I’m not saying that Drew Lock is going to be Drew Brees, but a) they have the same name and b) their gameplay and make up is similar if you think about it.

Instead what we got was Taysom Hill at QB, facing off against a WR from the practice squad that happened to play QB in college and found out the day before that he was starting. Woof. I’m still working on my statistical research skills, but I’m not finding the number for fewest completions in an NFL game in history, but assuming nobody has ever completed 0 passes, this at least ties that record. They attempted 9 passes, and ran the ball 33 times for a team total 113 yards. Taysom Hill came away with the win in this one going 9/16 for 78 yards with an INT. Something to look out for until Brees comes back is that Alvin Kamara only had 11 carries for 54 yards in this one and only added one reception for negative two yards. He was having an incredible season under Brees, but it has seemed to come to a halt with Hill under center. Sure, he wasn’t needed in this one against the Broncos, but still, the points stands.

Also, Kendall Hinton is a hell of a dude. I haven’t gone back and looked at tape or anything, I’m just saying that to be given 24 hours notice that surprise you’re taking your first snaps in the NFL oh and surprise it’s at QB, he obviously will want to forget this game every happened, but I think you have to respect his ability to go out there and at least put forth the effort.

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