You Can Leave, Adam Gase

Things haven’t worked out for the New York Jets. They have been comical over the four seasons under previous head coach Todd Bowles and the current Adam Gase. In fact, the last winning season the Jets had was with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center.

The Jets have been mediocre for so long, but they have been overshadowed by the somehow worse Giants. Now with the other New York. Team showing signs of life, the Jets appear to be that much worse.

In just his second season, Gase has proven that he is not the right man for any head coaching job, let alone the Jets job. New York’s CEO Christopher Johnson has cited Gase’s reputation as a “great play caller and quarterback whisperer” as the reason for hiring him and he doubled down on the statement earlier in the season.

With Sam Darnold and the offense’s lackluster performance, the Jets are a laughable 0-11 and continuing to get worse each week. Multiple teams have fired their head coaches midseason this year, such as the Bills, Falcons and now the Lions. Cutting ties with Gase now wouldn’t just send a message to a fed-up fan base or to a struggling team, but it would also give the Jets a chance to talk to college coaches that they might see fit for their organization.

The name Lincoln Riley has swirled around head coaching jobs for years because of what he has proven with multiple quarterbacks at Oklahoma. One may ask how much of an impact Riley has had on the young quarterbacks, but looking at his first high profile guy, Baker Mayfield, he has continually regressed since leaving his college coach. While the former first overall pick has been solid, his best season is still his rookie year and each year since he has continued to slip despite the plethora of weapons around him.
Riley has also shown what he can do with the likes of Kyler Murray. While Murray’s growth has continued without Riley, that can be credited to his coach Kliff Kingsbury, one of Patrick Mahomes’ coaches in college. At the same time Riley churned out Heisman finalist Jalen hurts last season who now serves as the Eagles gadget player and this year he had Spencer Rattler as an early Heisman favorite.

Whether the Jets decide Darnold is their guy or not, bringing in a proven quarterback whisperer could be the most beneficial move for the franchise. Bringing in Riley could help build Darnold and get him back on track to be a franchise quarterback.

If the Jets end up with the first pick, odds are they will move off of Darnold and they will draft Trevor Lawrence. Either way, bringing in a coach who develops quarterbacks is never a bad move for a franchise, as seen with Kingsbury in Arizona.

The bottom line for the Jets is that they have to make a decision on who will lead their franchise moving forward, and it won’t and shouldn’t be Gase.

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