Monday Night Raw Recap (November 30, 2020)

A Moment of Bliss

Monday Night Raw Opens up with Alexa Bliss and her show A Moment of Bliss with Special Guest Randy Orton. Randy comes out and the replay of what happened last week is shown. Alexa makes it a point to mention that Randy seems to be in a bad mood.

Randy reminisces about when he burned down Bray Wyatt’s cabin because it was his weakness. Randy also says he realizes that Alexa is also his weakness. Alexa looks at Randy and says “Who is manipulating who?”

The lights came out and when they came back on The Fiend/Bray was in the ring and Randy was holding Alexa. Randy threw Alexa to Bray and rolled out the ring with a smile.

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy (Symphony of Destruction)

Winner: Jeff Hardy

This was an interesting premise to this match. The goal was to use various instruments throughout the match. Before the match started going Elias dropped Jeff Hardy onto a piano which started to move. R-Truth was inside. R-Truth jumped out and other superstars started to chase him. Both Jeff and Elias used guitars to take them out.

It was guitars, violins and drums oh my, as the match showed both men using these various instruments to hurt each other.

After some more back and forth Elias electrocuted himself which led to Jeff to climbing to the top turnbuckle and hit a Swanton bomb which ended to match by a pin from Jeff.  

Ricochet vs. Slapjack

Winner: Slapjack

Before the match, Ricochet saying he no longer planned to save Mustafa Ali and just be better than him. Slapjack said he is a weapon for Retribution. Thus, a match was born.

Ricochet immediately hit a springboard cross body and some strikes in the corner to start the match. Slapjack tried to come back, but Ricochet had the upper hand for most of the match at this point.

Mustafa Ali called T-Bat and Mace down, but Ricochet used that to throw Slapjack into them and then did a dive. Just as Ricochet was about to win the match, Dana Brooke came down to yell at Reckoning which distracted Ricochet. This allowed Slapjack to hit his finisher and win the match.  

Miz TV

This segment opened with The Miz and John Morrison inviting Sheamus as a guest to be on the show. The Miz called Drew McIntyre a bad friend as he gave nothing to Sheamus in return for Sheamus giving Drew family heirlooms. Sheamus got angry and beat up both The Miz and John easily before The Miz used his Money in the Bank briefcase to hit him and end the segment.

Asuka and Lana vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Winner: Asuka and Lana

This match started off with Lana almost getting a two count on Shayna Baszler. This led to Shayna beating up Lana before Asuka made the save. For most of the match it seemed that Shayna and Nia Jax had the upper hand throwing them around the ring. Lana took most of the punishment. By the end Asuka finally started to gain some momentum as she hit several strikes against Shayna. Lana tagged herself in, but Asuka once again had to save her from Shayna. Lana was able to pin Shayna and got the win.

Cedric Alexander vs. Xavier Woods

Winner: Cedric Alexander

Before the match, Xavier Woods and Kofu Kingston gave a great promo on the amount of times they had beaten The Hurt Business. Of course The Hurt Business came out and this led to Cedric Alexander challenging Zavier to a match. Before the bell, Cedric attacked Xavier for an advantage. At some point Xavier was able to turn the tide as he had Cedric in the corner. However, Cedric was able to drop him from the top rope. There were some good spots from them both. However, Cedric hit the Lumbar Check and got the win.

Keith Lee vs. Riddle vs. AJ Styles

Winner: AJ Styles

Matt Riddle and AJ Styles started fighting each other right away which led to them going outside of the ring. Keith Lee tried to dive into both of them, but they were able to move out of the ring.

Keith got a 2 count against Matt, and then he slowed the pace down against Matt. Matt started hitting some forearm strikes and one good one led Keith to land on his back on the mat.  

Jordan Omogbehi then helped AJ Styles hit a running knee on Matt, but Matt was able to take them both outside the ring. AJ was able to reverse a Broton and then Keith sent AJ out of the ring.

While AJ was recovering, Keith went to Matt and threw him across the ring. There were many times thorough out the match where it seemed any of these men could’ve won the match, but AJ was able to get a Phenomenal Forearm on Matt and won the match.

Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning

Winner: Dana Brooke

This was a quick match that stemmed from the exchange between Dana and Retribution earlier in the night. Dana started off the match hot, but Reckoning was able to get some submission moves in. However, Dana was able to take this match and win it with a roll up pin.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz and John Morrison

Winner: Sheamus and Drew McIntyre (By DQ)

The match started off with Sheamus getting some good body shots on The Miz. Sheamus tagged in Drew McIntyre and the two of them did some tag team moves. Drew then beat up both The Miz and John Morrison by himself for awhile. The Miz and John was able to get Sheamus down for a bit after the commercial break. Sheamus tried to get a tag to Drew, but that worked to no avail. AJ Styles then attacked Drew with led to a DQ.

AJ told The Miz to cash in and handed the briefcase to the ref, which The Miz took back quickly. Drew got up and hit a Claymore on AJ, but Jordan saved him from anymore harm.

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