Should the Warriors trade Steph Curry?

After making the NBA finals five years in a row, the Golden State Warriors were one of the worst teams in the league last season due to injuries to both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. It seemed as if the Warriors would return to the top of the league with their dynamic backcourt coming back healthy.

However, Thompsons’ recent season-ending injury greatly hurts the Warriors chances to contend this season. What should the Warriors do now?

In less than a two-year span, Thompson has suffered both a torn ACL and a torn Achilles. One of those injuries would be hard enough to come back from, but two season-ending injuries should raise even more concern. Thompson is 30 years old and it is unclear if he will ever be the same player again.

Before adding Kevin Durant in the 2016 offseason, a big part of the Warriors success was Draymond Green and an excellent bench. After getting Durant, the team didn’t need Green to play at a high level or have a good bench to win an NBA championship. Green regressed and the Warriors bench was no longer amongst the league’s best, but it didn’t matter because they had Durant to mask those flaws. Durants departure changed what the Warriors needed to remain amongst the league’s elite. The truth is, The Warriors can no longer rely on Green and their overall depth the way they did before Durant’s arrival.  

Being a contender in the NBA isn’t easy. In fact, it’s even harder when you’re in the powerhouse Western Conference. Competing against the reigning champion Los Angeles Lakers, the Kawhi Leonard and Paul George headlined Los Angeles Clippers, along with other tough teams will make navigating the Western Conference very hard for the Warriors.

The Warriors time as a contender might be over. If the team feels they can no longer compete for a championship, they should consider trading Steph Curry. Curry has tons of trade value right now and the Warriors would be able to get alot back in return for the two-time MVP winner and three-time NBA champion. Curry is already 31 years old, his trade value will decrease if they wait to trade him due to age. Here are two trades the Warriors should consider:

Golden State Warriors receive: Domantas Sabonis, Malcolm Brogdon, 2021 Pacers first-round draft pick, 2023 Pacers first-round draft pick, and the 2025 Pacers first-round draft pick.

Trade one:

Indiana Pacers receive: Steph Curry

Why it makes sense for the Warriors:

The Warriors would be receiving Domantas Sabonis, who was an all-star this past season and is only 24 years old. Additionally, the Warriors would also receive Malcolm Brogdon, who is only 27 years old and averaged 16 points and 7 assists per game this season. Three first-round picks would also help the Warriors in the future.

Why it makes sense for the Pacers:

The Pacers have a star player in Victor Oladipo. However, Oladipo will be a free agent next offseason and the Pacers will likely be unable to compete in the Eastern Conference for years to come if he leaves. Acquiring Curry would not only make Oladipo happy, but would also make immediately make the Pacers contenders to win the Eastern Conference.

Trade two:

Golden State Warriors receive: Ben Simmons and Mike Scott.

Philadelphia 76ers receive: Steph Curry

Why it makes sense for the Warriors:

Ben Simmons is only 24 years old and could be the Warriors franchise player for the next decade. If he’s properly built around, Simmons has the potential to become one of the best players in the entire league.

Why it makes sense for the 76ers:

The 76ers are coming off of a season where they finished 6th in the Eastern Conference and got swept in the first round of the playoffs. Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons may not be able to reach their full potential playing alongside each other. Embiid likes to play around the basket and it’s easier for him to do so when playing around shooters who can space the floor. However, Simmons is not a good shooter and he is at his best when the ball is in his hands and he’s able to make plays by driving to the rim. Simmons is unable to constantly attack the rim since Embiid is often near the basket and taking up space. The 76ers could win an NBA title with Steph Curry and Joel Embiid leading the way.

Not too long ago, the Warriors were undoubtedly the best team in the league. However, due to injuries, a declining roster, and being in a very tough conference, their time as title contenders may be over. Should they consider trading Steph Curry because of that?

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