Monday Night Raw Recap (November 23, 2020)

Raw Opening & Team Raw Celebration

Raw started off with showing the road for Drew McIntyre getting the WWE Championship back for his second title reign. Once the video package finished, Team Raw from Survivor Series came out and Adam Pearce came out to congratulate them on a job well done at Survivor Series. Adam also suggested that one of these members will get to challenge Drew for the title. During this segment Braun Strowman got angry at Adam for mentioning him last on the tram, and he assaulted Adam . This led to Braun being kicked out of the building and suspended indefinitely later on in the night.

The New Day vs. The Hurt Business (Raw Tag Team Championship Match)

Winner: The New Day

This match is a rematch from the previous week after a confrontation between Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston and The Hurt Business. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander dominated early in the match. There was some good back and forth between the two teams before the match ended up on the outside of the ring. Kofi and Alexander were the legal men, but being outside of the ring led to a double count out. The Hurt Business got the win, but MVP suggested that restart the match so it could be a clear winner.

Once the match restarted Shelton and Cedric took turns beating up Kofi and making it hard for him to get the tag to Xavier and injuring his knee during all of this. Once Kofi was finally able to tag in Xavier, Xavier went on to do a lot of offense. By the end of the match, Xavier got the Angel Slam from Shelton, but he survived it. Xavier did a sunset flip bomb and won the match. The New Day retained their championship belts.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

Winner: Matt Riddle

This was the first qualifying match for the Triple Threat match for next week and it was the best match of the night. This was a physical match giving both Sheamus and Matt Riddle to shine throughout. The match went on for some time. At some point Matt was able to do the Floating Bro on the outside of the ring. Sheamus quickly responded by doing a Cloverleaf. Matt did a Final Flash knee that Sheamus still was able to kick out of. However, after a series of many roll ups, Matt was able to get a victory with a final roll up pin.

FireFly Fun House Segment

This was a short segment with Bray Wyatt mentioning Randy Orton burning down his home. Alexa Bliss also dismantled her friendship with Nikki Cross. She did so by beating up Friendship Frog. The segment ended with Bray telling Nikki Cross he’ll see her soon.

Asuka vs. Lana (RAW’s Women Championship Match)/Asuka and Lana vs. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Winner: Asuka and Lana

Lana was rewarded a match for the RAW Women’s championship after being the sole survivor on Team Raw. The match barely got started before Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler was talking crap to Asuka from the announcer’s table. Annoyed, Asuka came out and poured water on them which led to Nia and Shayna attacked Asuka. Asuka won the match as Lana got disqualified because of Nia and Shayna’s actions.

This led to a tag team match. Nia and Shayna vs. Asuka and Lana. Lana got a little momentum going against Shayna until Nia grabbed her hair. Lana got punished a little, but she kept going and she pushed herself to make the tag to Asuka. Asuka came in hot taking control of the match. On the outside Nia tried to put Lana through a table, but Lana escaped and Nia was the one who went over the table. Shayna tried to put Lana in a Kirifuda clutch, while Lana was outside of the ring. Asuka used this to her advantage and got the win with a roll up pin.

Bobby Lashley vs. Keith Lee

Winner: Keith Lee

This was the second qualifying match for nest week’s Triple Threat match to see who would challenge Drew McIntyre for the tile. This was a hard hitting, pound for pound kind of match. There was great back and forth between the two Keith Lee got distracted by MVP. Bobby Lashley delivered a suplex, and after Keith was able to get up he did a leap frog to Bobby. Keith also did a cross body which sent Bobby to the floor. MVP threw Keith into the ring post and then had to fight out of Bobby’s Hurt Lock. However MVP coming in led to the referee calling for the bell and ending the match. Keith won by disqualification.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Before the match there was a video package showing the journey to get to this match. Alexa started off the match playing around with Nikki Cross. Nikki got frustrated and took to letting her frustrations out on Alexa, getting more and more aggressive. During this Alexa collapsed to the floor acting as if she was devastated about what happened to their friendship. Nikki took the bait and hugged her before Alexa did a STO and won the match.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

Winner: AJ Styles

This was the final qualifying match for next week’s Triple Threat match. There was some good back and forth in the beginning before AJ Styles was able to use Randy Orton’s aggression against him. AJ kept trying to work on Randy’s knee. While Randy was trying to fight back it seemed AJ was a lot more dominant especially after hitting an enzuigiri. The match went back and forth some more even spilling outside of the ring. Once back inside the ring, the lights went off and came back on revealing The Fiend. This allowed AJ to do the Phenomenal Forearm and win the match.

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