AEW Dynamite Recap: November 18, 2020

Top Flight vs. The Young Bucks (3 ½ stars)

Top Flight own the first few minutes, winning out on attempts at offense from the Bucks and pushing them immediately out of everyone’s mind – keep in mind, these guys are super young (Darius is 20, Dante is 19) and putting the best tag team of the decade away for a few minutes wholeheartedly, which was a fantastic introduction for the young guys. When the Bucks did get offense in, it was all at once and ferocious, really pushing their really great streak of acting their best when their backs are against the wall. A nice moment of the match during the Bucks’ offense is Matt buckle bombing one member of Top Flight into the other corner, nailing them and keeping them in a recovering state.

But it wouldn’t take long for the future tag stars to work themselves back into this, even for a moment. Nick breaks up a Top Flight near fall and a combo of tope suicida into tope con hiro from the real young bucks in this match finally sold me on their talent and really showed these guys are “out of the box” great, which can only mean great things from here on out for them. Bucks get the win and a close win at that after a BTE Trigger.

Jack Evans and Angelico, rarely seen on Dynamite and getting a nice feature here – The Hybrid2 – start beating down Top Flight and the Bucks scare them off. More than anything, this match did everything it needed to do – kept the tag champs on top, put the new young tag over, set up a feud for that tag in the future, and continue to stabilize and add to the division. Also, just plainly nice to see Evans and Angelico on TV.

Oh, it’s time. A replay of the chronological events of the movie The Hangover occur, with the continuation of the one-upping of MJF and Jericho on what they are ordering at the bar, which they eventually get to Everclear and down like a whiskey glass of it. It is probably gimmicked, but my entire body quaked at the idea of this. KONNAN SHOWS UP AND GETS EVERYONE EXTREMELY HIGH IN A LIMO. I’m not joking. Even Sammy and MJF get along. And Wardlow and Jake Hager brutalize randos to prove their strong or something. We get a continuation of these shenanigans later on in the show.

Moxley does another promo in a weirdly neon lit… bathroom stall??? Anyways, he gets really real and isn’t the normal tough as nails, willing to kill to win. It seems like Mox has a lot weighing on his mind and his persona has finally shown a large dynamic of character. He mentions his wife is pregnant, which the internet latched onto like wildfire, and he mentions he is and will continue to be “the best wrestler in the world.”

Orange Cassidy vs. Kip Sabian (4 stars)

Miro is on commentary. Kip and Cassidy turn up the heat gradually, with Cassidy repeatedly going for placing his hands in his pockets, but Kip counters repeatedly, landing a few good moves before Cassidy finally gets things turned around and gets his hands in, sliding out of a drop toe hold. Cassidy spills on the outside with a huge tope suicida. Penelope gets involved for a moment so Kip can land a enziguri on the apron. Kip goes to land a signature shotgun dropkick in the corner, but Cassidy slowly walks away, eventually getting a huge cross body splash off the top rope and landed a huge spinning DDT, then eventually lands a diving DDT off the top rope, almost getting the 1-2-3.

Kip immediately comes out hot with a ton of huge moves and lands a massive inside hook suplex. But he doesn’t get the fall, and after going for his finisher twice, Orange Cassidy gets a close 3 count on his mouse trap pin. Miro immediately throws off his headset and jumps over the ropes to take Cassidy’s head off. Kip, Miro, and Penelope all run off as Trent and Chuck Taylor run out. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this is the best feud on Dynamite right now, outside of Mox and Kenny. Speaking of that…

A Game of Thrones-influenced “Winter Is Coming” heading is given to the “biggest match in Dynamite history” – AEW World Championship on the line. Moxley vs. Omega.

“Like Jon Moxley, he is undefeated in 2020 singles competition. Like Jon Moxley, he has been ranked #1 in the PWI 500. Unlike Jon Moxley, he is a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer. And also unlike Jon Moxley, he has trained through failure in Rush Fitness (look, I’m not 100% on this part) in NORTH CAROLINA.” Kenny Omega is poised, ready, and cool in his sunglasses and suit. With his new entrance, he gets in the ring and waits for the champ.

But Mox never comes. And we cut to the back and Mox is beat up and has a bloody nose. Tony Schiavone asks Omega if he will still sign the contract and what is going through his mind. “I’m not one for this psychology stuff, Tony. Last time it was an elbow, this time – looks like a bloody nose. You’re not avoiding this time, Jon. December 2nd, Winter is Coming, and I’ll be there. Hopefully, you will too. Make sure you capture this.” He signs Kenny Omega, The Cleaner. Smiley face.

We are back on the Strip of Vegas. Jericho and everyone is plastered. Elvis has shown up. MJF has tied his Burberry scarf around his head like a bandana. MJF starts howling, everyone joins in, and we fade to black. Jericho wakes up in a bed with Elvis, MJF is in a bathtub, Sammy Guevara is in a fountain, Ortiz is working out vigorously. Sammy married three women. Santana is feeding a bunch of chickens. And Jericho finds a baby— no wait, that’s Swoggle. Jericho is at the commentary desk to remind everyone the Inner Circle is here to beat people up and him and Hager are fighting SCU (Kaz and Daniels) next week. And now, Blade vs. Bastard.

The Blade vs. PAC (3 stars)

Eddie Kingston is now on commentary. For a match that puts a man who hasn’t wrestled in eight months against a man who lost a lot of blood in a tag match last week, this was a pretty good match. It had a lot of physicality, including a few different stiff and scary landing spots. While not the safest contest, PAC coming back and getting a good win here was the idea – how he managed to do it was a great story.

At any point that PAC was gaining real momentum, he either got distracted and went after Butcher but never attacked him, or the Bunny got involved and she distracted him so the Butcher could intervene. After both interferences, Blade really put in a good run of moves that led to a near fall. In classic strong style way, they led to massive back and forth blows, even going into the corners and Blade getting another massive near fall against the Bastard with a textbook powerslam. After this, PAC got to a point of going up top for the Black? Red? Arrow (not sure which color it is anymore) finisher, but Allie hops up on the apron.

Instead of PAC being distracted by her again while Butcher gets involved, PAC turns around and kicks Butcher’s head off. Blade does get a school boy roll-up, but it doesn’t work. PAC eventually lands a Shooting Star Press into a Brutalizer submission finisher. Blade submits. PAC gathers himself for a moment and grabs a mic to taunt Eddie Kingston, but instead Butcher attacks him, and these three maul PAC and hold him down. Kingston eventually starts threatening him and Rey Fenix dives in but he’s not enough to hold these guys back. After long enough of a brawl between these five, Penta El Zero Miedo comes in with a chair. And in classic fashion, it’s the “will he, won’t he” turn moment. And he doesn’t, swinging and missing at Kingston, but splitting up Kingston, Butcher, Blade and reuniting Death Triangle.

Backstage Nyla and Vicki Guerrero are holding off officials from stopping Jade Cargill from beating down and stomping on a chair placed on Brandi Rhodes’ arm. Big Swole, Serena Deeb, and Red Velvet show up to console Brandi. A pretty crazy night for Dynamite.

NWA World Women’s Championship – Thunder Rosa vs. Serena Deeb (c) (3 ½ stars)

Another rematch of a match that happened on Dynamite not too long ago. The only real huge difference is that the championship has switched hands off AEW TV. Officially their second match on AEW but third total within the last two months, this match doesn’t go the full distance to be honest. Everything they did here to have a good match worked, and it was paced pretty well, but it never felt like a title match for me. It rarely got to the point of having a “holy shit” moment. It simply contained a multitude of great chain and spot wrestling that never hit a high gear until the very end. Britt Baker got involved which didn’t affect anything in the slightest. Rosa did retaliate after the match, though.

After the match, JOHN SILVER (OOH YEAH) is standing with Anna Jay and he is selling her like Randy Savage’s best sell package. It is so perfect. Anna Jay will be taking on Hikaru Shida and she will attempt to bring back gold to the Dark Order. A rundown of next week occurs, with a tag team match of Pac and Fenix vs. Butcher and Blade and then Will Hobbs is also mentioned to be in action next week.

Ricky Starks & Brian Cage vs. Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes (2 ¼ stars)

Taz is on commentary. Quick action between the four – Allin with Starks and Rhodes with Cage. A very slow, very mismanaged match with a lot of spots that just didn’t land or work. Like, Arn Anderson put a chair in the ring because Taz got involved? Emotions got the better of him? No. He has been the cerebral intensity to the Nightmare Family. He doesn’t lose his cool. This immediately signaled some weird work at play. A very messy exchange of just random moves from all four men randomly having a bunch of different spots really confused me. Usually, there’s a story established before there’s a big back and forth, but no work was made to reach that far. Cage stands tall after all the wreckage – shocker – and he lands the most disgusting looking Avalanche Drill Claw on Darby, 1-2-3.

Team Taz starts beating down Cody and Darby after the match, but Will Hobbs comes down, as he has done with others to ward off Team Taz. This time, Cage leaves the FTW belt in the ring and Hobbs picks it up to tease a match with Cage for this “illegitimate” belt, but then he smashes in into Cody’s face, finally turning to join Team Taz.

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