Teddy’s 3 And Out: NFL Week 10

Teddy’s 3 And Out: NFL Week 10

We have made it through 10 weeks of the NFL season and here are 3 takeaways from this week:

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What Happened to the Titans?

Maybe it was because they started the first part of their season undefeated or maybe it was because they had all of the Covid shenanigans, but the Titans have been rather irrelevant since their week 7 loss to the Steelers, breaking that undefeated start. Since that game, the Titans have lost to the Bengals and Colts, while barely beating the Bears. I understand that there shouldn’t be much concern now that they went from 5-0 to 6-3, but they play the Ravens and the Colts in their next two games so this team could very easily be 6-5 going into the final stretch.

What seemed like a promising start by Derrick Henry has now turned into his putting the team on his back like usual, but it hasn’t been enough. Whether you want to put it on their defense for giving up more points than their offense can score, or if you want to look at the other position players, something has got to give. There was a two week period where AJ Brown and Corey Davis took turns putting up 100+ yard and at least 1 TD games, but this week? 21 yards and 67 yards total for the pair. The schedule does ease up for the Titans after their next two games as they play the Browns, Jags, Lions, a week 16 meeting with the Packers, and then the Texans to end the regular season. This team could finish probably 10-6, but if they don’t figure things out on defense or around Henry, they could finish 8-8.  

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Kyler Finds A Way

Great QBs produce in big moments. And sure you can attribute Murray’s Hail Mary throw up to DeAndre Hopkins as only being successful because of Hopkins dunking on the defenders in 3-on-1 coverage, but Murray did scramble, get the ball out, and do his best game winning Hail Mary Aaron Rodgers impression.

Aside from it being a great marketing strategy for the Jordan brand as Hopkins was wearing their gloves and a camera angle got the varying brands of the defenders gloves under it, this moment and this game showed two bright futures for some budding young stars.

This game FELT like a playoff game with the back and forth action, the solid play by the big names, and then the huge pop finish. Even though the Cardinals got the win in the end, I don’t even feel like the Bills really lost. Sure it will show up that way on their record which will effect their playoff seeding depending on how Miami finishes out, but really the resurgence of Josh Allen back into the MVP talk has been great to see and if you are a fan of either of these teams, you are feeling confident after this game heading towards the back end of the NFL season.

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Saints beat the 49ers

Now obviously that title isn’t saying much because a) it’s short and ambiguous and b) I don’t know that anyone actually thought the 49ers had a chance here. The BIG story out of this one was when Jameis Winston took the reigns under center coming out of halftime of the game.

There was a lot of confusion because certainly Drew Brees hasn’t played poorly enough that they felt happy giving the reigns to Winston, so what was up? Turns out Brees has cracked ribs on both sides of his ribcage and has a slightly puntctured lung AND WAS TRYING TO PLAY THROUGH IT.

I mean give the guy grief for being older, but good lord he is a dang fighter. He will be missing at least this week as he rests and it is expected that Jameis Winston and/or Taysom Hill will be taking off the QB duties as the Saints play the Falcons this weekend. Keep an eye on how long he will need to be out, solely because if Winston comes in and starts slinging INTs like he is prone to and Hill can’t get into a rhythm as a full-time QB, I’m interested to see how creative they get with their play-calling.

I was going to say that they need Brees back ASAP to cement this playoff push, but their next 3 opponents after this week are the Broncos, Falcons again, and the Eagles so really Brees may be able to take his sweet time recovering if Winston and Hill can even combine for a semblance of a decent QB.

Look forward to the week 11 preview coming out later this week from Shooting The Sports Ish.

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