NFL Week 11: Thursday Night Fantasy Football Preview


It is ridiculous how much happier I am writing about this Thursday Night game than I was the Monday Night Game. We go from Cousins/Foles right into Murray/Wilson after Kyler Murray threw a hail Murray to win the game against the Buffalo Bills last week. In this week’s matchup, Murray is facing the 31st defense against opposing quarterbacks so he should be in line to feast on the ground and through the air.

You’re playing Russell Wilson. I’m not going to tell you to sit him, especially since he is playing the 24th ranked defense against opposing QBs. I’m superstitious about playing players on Thursday because I think Thursday games are cursed and players are doomed to do poorly, and yet I would still absolutely play Wilson in this matchup. Both defenses are beatable and even though the practice against basically the same player, they’re both likely to get burned and if Wilson can limit the turnovers he should put up a great performance in this one.

Plays: Start both Murray and Wilson

Running Backs

So the return of Drake dropped the value of Chase Edmonds for the foreseeable future. If Drake can stay healthy, it seems like the job is his coming off of a 16 carry, 100 yard game. Edmonds is relegated to flex territory, but he does retain the value even as a backup because he still totaled 8 carries for 56 yards, and another 3 receptions for 21. I think you can play both this week, but keep in mind that we stress not playing your Thursday plays in the Flex spot because it limits you for Sundays so if you feel comfortable starting Edmonds, throw him in your RB2 spot.

This is going to be a tough backfield to predict with Chris Carson likely out. Carlos Hyde seems like the obvious choice, but the Seahawks also have DeeJay Dallas and Alex Collins that could see the field and take away snaps from Hyde who isn’t going to be reliable as a 3-down back. Personally, I would try to avoid this backfield like someone that sneezes without a mask on inside of a Starbucks. But, if you HAVE to start one of them, I’d rank them Hyde, Collins, Dallas, but I really think the value stops at Hyde.

Plays: Start Drake, Flex Edmonds. Deep Flex Hyde.

Wide Receivers

You know who has the worst defense against receivers in the league? The Seattle Seahawks. You know who is one of the best receivers in the league? DeAndre Hopkins. Coming off of a win in the NFL Dunk Contest last week, Hopkins is going to look to stay hot and Christian Kirk is going to look to return to relevance and neither one of them should have trouble doing so.

Lockett, Metcalf, and David Moore are the three fantasy relevant receivers on the Seattle side. The two former receivers tend to switch off on who is going to be dominant that week and with Lockett coming in to this one banged up, give the edge to Metcalf. If Lockett sits I think that you can start Moore, but otherwise I would leave him on the bench if you even want to pick him up. Facing the 26th ranked defense in fantasy against receivers, Metcalf should strong arm his way to a solid game and if Lockett goes, prepare to cite this as a freezing cold take, I’m going to bet it is going to be more as a decoy to set up Metcalf for even more involvement.

Plays: Start Hopkins, Flex Kirk. Start Metcalf, Flex Lockett.

Tight Ends

One word to rule them all (the tight ends in this game I mean): Pass.

Plays: Absolutely nobody

As always, good luck with your matchups this week (unless you’re playing me).

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