Week 10 Monday Night Football Preview: Chicago Bears vs Vikings

Week 10 Monday Night Football Preview: Chicago Bears vs Vikings

A fairly uninteresting matchup on Monday Night, since neither team has any realistic championship aspirations. Both teams have had rough stretches this year. The Bears are currently stuck in the middle of a 3 game losing streak, while the Vikings started out 1-5. Had these teams met a month ago, the result probably wouldn’t even be in doubt according to pundits, but due to a resurgence from the Vikings this can turn out to be an interesting affair.

Here I’ll provide who has the edge in each department of offense, defense & special teams to see who is the likely winner of this ballgame.

Who has the Edge when the Vikings pass the ball?

We’ve all heard about Kirk Cousins’ struggles on primetime, and this week it doesn’t get any easier as he faces the 4th most efficient Pass Defense in the NFL according to Football Outsiders, and QB’s have only had an 84.0 passer rating against them (4th best). Meanwhile the Vikings possess the 18th best passing offense. 

Edge: Bears

Who has the Edge when the Vikings run the ball?

It’s no secret Dalvin Cook has been running like a madman these past few weeks, as he’s put the Vikings on his back. Dalvin has a combined 478 scrimmage yards the past 2 weeks along with 6 Touchdowns, those are insane numbers and he’s rightly been added to the MVP conversation thanks to that. The Vikings are currently averaging 5.5 yards per carry, which is best in the league. The Bears have a top 10 run defense in the league, but Dalvin Cook gets the advantage.

Edge: Vikings

Who has the Edge when the Bears pass the ball?

The Bears offensive struggles have been well documented this year, with a QB switch not really helping out the offense. While it didn’t harm their results early on, the offense has been the biggest reason for their current losing streak. Nick Foles is currently 28th in QBR, and according to Football Outsiders they have a bottom 10 passing offense. 

Minnesota has a below average passing defense as they’re middle of the pack in efficiency, but bottom 5 in terms of passer rating allowed. Still, that should be more than enough for the Bears horrendous passing attack.

Edge: Vikings

Who has the Edge when the Bears run the ball?

Besides their putrid passing game the Bears also have the worst running attack in the league as they average only 82 yards per game (worst in the NFL) on 3.7 yards per carry (3rd worst in the NFL). David Montgomery is out and they’ve brought Lamar Miller up from the practice squad, Lamar was a very decent runner a couple of years ago, but he hasn’t taken a snap since 2018. The Vikings defense is ranked 19th in run defense according to Football Outsiders, and unless Lamar Miller can have a throwback game they should be in good position.

Edge: Vikings

Who has the Edge on Special Teams?

Neither team has a particularly good special teams unit as the Bears are ranked 22nd and the Vikings are ranked 28th according to Football Outsiders.

Vikings Kicker Dan Bailey is currently hitting 75% of his field goals, albeit on limited attempts, while Chicago Kicker Cairo Santos is hitting at an 88% percentage.

The Bears also have one of the best kick returners who is a former Viking Cordarrelle Patterson.

Edge: Bears

Tally: Vikings 3-2 Bears


The Vikings grind out a victory by relying on Dalvin Cook and their defense to contain the Bears offense in a low scoring affair.

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