Monday Night Football Fantasy Football Breakdown

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (MNF)


This is the first game in a while that I have started an article with a very deep sigh. Having to start this article by talking about Kirk Cousins makes me wish I could go wait in line at the DMV because it would be less painful. This is the Dalvin Cook show and not only is Cousins going to lose this game if it comes down to him passing, he is tanking the fantasy value of his receivers. Avoid him.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Cousins, now I have to talk about Nick Foles. *Insert second deep sigh*. I think that you could make a valid argument for Foles before Cousins, but is that even much of a compliment? You’re only going to play Foles in deep leagues or if you have just made a series of awful decisions and if it’s the latter, you’re just going to have to deal with whatever hand Foles deals you.

Plays: Are you kidding? No Plays here.

Running Backs

Ah finally a breath of fresh air. Time to really get into the article by talking about the best RB in football. Well…that actually about sums it up. Dalvin Cook has back-to-back games of either four TDs or 200 yards so it would be insanely bold to sit him this week. Set it and forget it.

David Montgomery has been ruled out and Tarik Cohen has been out for the season, so I guess the starting RB for the Bears could be *checks notes* Cordarelle Patterson or Ryan Nail. Back to the deep sighs for me. I’m sure just to spite me one of them is going to have a ridiculous game, but honestly buy a lottery ticket if one of these guys puts up 15+ and wins you your matchup this week.

Plays: Dalvin Cook

Wide Receivers

Adam Thielen was shot out of a cannon to start this season and with any Cook injury it looks like he will be the main beneficiary. That being said, as long as Cook is healthy you have to temper expectations with him and Justin Jefferson. Add in that they are going to be going up against the third best defense in the league and I would drop those expectations even lower. You’re starting them, but you don’t feel great about it. Kind of like eating $30 worth of Taco Bell in one sitting.

Allen Robinson is heading into this one questionable, but you have to hope that he plays. The Vikings are giving up the third most fantasy points to WRs and so Robinson is primed for another big game. If he sits look for Darnell Mooney and Anthony Miller to pick up the slack.

Plays: Start Theilen and Flex Jefferson. Start Robinson, Flex Mooney, Flex Miller if Robinson is out

Tight Ends

I truly don’t think that Minnesota even has a TE with Irv Smith being ruled out.

Start Jimmy Graham. You could do much worse, and from his workload and volume I think you can fire him up with confidence in this one.

Plays: Jimmy Graham

As always, good luck with your matchups this week (unless you’re playing me).

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