Changing the Chris Paul narrative

The Narrative about Chris Paul has always been that he couldn’t win. He is a great basketball player who couldn’t get to the promise land. Once he left the Clippers, Paul started to change the that narrative with some success with the Rockets.

Despite not reaching the NBA Finals, Paul and the Rockets had some postseason success, but couldn’t get past the Warriors.
After two years with the Rockets, they decided to trade Paul to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook in an attempt to change things up.

After being sent to the rebuilding Thunder, Paul turned in one of his best seasons and helped Oklahoma City over-achieve and reach the NBA Bubble playoffs. Paul proved his value on the court as a leader and proved that he can help elevate any team.
Now with the Thunder in full rebuild mode, they have traded Paul to the Suns for a big haul of players and a 2022 draft pick.

I have always felt like the whoever get the best player in a trade usually wins the deal, and that is the case here. Phoenix showed out in the NBA Bubble with an 8-0 record. That was largely because Devin Booker, a budding star with a breakout 2019-2020 season. Adding Paul could be the move the Suns needed to make in order to reach the playoffs.

Now, Paul has rewritten his narrative without winning a championship. Even though he is still seen as difficult to work with sometimes, he has changed how people see him. Now, Paul is viewed as talented guard and an exceptional leader who can help elevate young talent.

Paul joining the Suns young core could be exactly what they need to grow into a true championship contender in the Western Conference. The Suns are filled with lottery talent, including No. 1 overall pick Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges.

This is a team that I think has the potential to be as good as Utah in 2020-2021 with Paul, but with a ceiling as high as what the Nuggets were last season. Paul will compliment Booker very well in my mind and his leadership will help build chemistry and develop the young players like Ayton and Bridges.

Even though the Suns needed to give up pieces such as Kelly Oubre Jr., Ricky Rubio, Ty Jerome and Jalen Lecque as well as a draft pick, it is hard to envision the Suns not getting better from this trade.

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