NBA’s 5 Best Blockbuster Trades

Some of these trades may need extra pieces and contracts for the money to work, but the idea for these potential trades is just to see the big names in the deal moving. 

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Kuzma to SA Demar DeRozan

Danny Green for cap space to sign Danilo Gallinari 

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Russ to LAC for Paul George

Russ to NYK for Knox, Nitilikina, Elfrid Payton and picks

Russ to Indiana for Oladipo. 

Russ to CHA for Rozier and Malik Monk

Harden to PHI for Ben Simmons and Josh Richardson

Eric Gordon, PJ Tucker to IND for Myles Turner 

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Golden State:

Looney, Draymond Green and picks to PHI for Joel Embiid

Andrew Wiggins, #2 pick and Draymond to Milwaukee for Giannis 

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Oklahoma City:

Chris Paul to MIL for …. something, The Bucks will want to please Giannis to get him a ring. They’ll want to keep Middleton, Giannis and CP3. So, looking at Eric Bledsoe AND players. 

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Iggy, Bam and Herro to MIL for Giannis 

Team Overview:

Obviously more teams will be available for trade considerations, however, I wanted to draw attention to the potential big names that could be on the move. 

The Lakers will always look to add veteran players, especially role players, who can keep their bench deep. Someone like DeMar or Gallinari would be right up their alley of moves to make.

The Warriors will ABSOLUTELY make a splash this off-season, whether it’s Embiid, or Giannis, or another elite-level player.

The Rockets are in an interesting spot here with brand new, first time, Head Coach coming in. Russ Westbrook already says he wants out and it has come to light that multiple other players are unhappy as well. Can the. Rockets deal Russ and/or Harden in the offseason, bring in good pieces or a stud player and keep everyone happy? The last thing they will want to do is to hand an unhappy locker room to a brand new coach.

Oklahoma City will want to move off of CP3, some say LAL, some say LAC, I think he could be moved to an Eastern Conference team that is looking to make a run at a title. Hello Milwaukee. 

The Heat have been connected to Giannis multiple times this offseason, if Miami makes a move, I believe the only move would be Giannis or bust. Either they find a way to bring The Greek Freak over or they keep the roster as is and run it back. Miami may not have to give up Bam in the trade I mentioned above, I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that they will need to take a hit somewhere in order to make this deal work. 2-3 1s, Bam, Herro, something off that nature. 

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