AEW Dynamite Recap: November 11, 2020

Welcome back to the AEW Dynamite recap! If you’re just joining us for the first time, you missed the most excellent PPV of the year, Full Gear – a show that lived up to the expectations and surpassed many beyond. It goes to show that having a spectacular PPV doesn’t always mean the weekly show following will be a blast, but this week is primed to have some spectacular moments and huge repercussions heading forward to Revolution.

Starting right out of the gate, Team Taz comes out after a new intro package. Taz launches into a promo, mentioning Brian Cage will be fighting someone and calls out Darby (still sitting in the upper bowl). It is a fun little opening, but this story feels wrong to start compared to last week’s start with Jericho and MJF. Taz announces that Cage will be fighting Matt Sydal, someone who is respected, unlike Darby according to Taz.

Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal (4 stars)

Sydal starts hot, and it is good that Sydal is getting regular features on Dynamite, even if he’s basically putting over heel after heel at this point. It’s a good story here too, considering Cage and Sydal had a few good moments in the Casino Battle Royale at All Out this year and both are very athletic men that regularly showcase themselves as very good, unique performers. Sydal has been having very solid matches lately and I would love more of them going forward.

Brian Cage is finally coming together here, and it shows he really needs to work with good performers rather than squash a bunch of development talent. Cage’s power mixed with his athletic ability is deeply unmatched industry-wide, but his charisma is what has been lacking. Here against Sydal, he really showed selling a lot more than he usually does and also some very good ring work throughout the match, in particular Cage taking a top rope meteora from Sydal onto the walk-in ramp.

In general, this was a fantastic start for a match, especially a cold match that we had no heads-up on. Cage and Sydal really performed to each of their best abilities in Dynamite so far and really surprised me. Ricky Starks came in and said the “revolution will be televised.” Cutting to a new look of a rundown, we come back to Cody coming out in his SUPER LONG NOT TRIPLE H-LIKE AT ALL ENTRANCE and grabs a mic.

He congratulates Darby on beating him at Full Gear, announcing he won’t be messing with Darby for the belt just yet. He wishes to right the wrong that is MJF beating him, when a woman gets in the ring and interrupts him and takes his mic. She introduces herself as Jade Cargill and really slowly gets to the point that is calling him out for saying he is the “giant killer” and she knows a real giant. Threatening him to keep his mouth shut or this supposed “giant” would come, she heads off to then actually congratulate him for getting his last name back. And then she attempts to cut into him by saying he didn’t have the balls to keep one name.

Then she reveals that the giant’s name is Shaq.


Brandi comes out and saves us from this horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE GOD AWFUL WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DID I JUST WATCH mess. She even goes a little too hard in the paint and just makes me wish this never happened ever. I can’t believe I can finally say, without any doubt, that this was the worst segment I have ever seen in AEW. Holy shit, this was bad.

Even Jerry Lynn shows up to make sure a brawl doesn’t start. Jerry Lynn. What a guy.

And if you didn’t forget the opening segment at all, BRIAN CAGE AND RICKY STARKS ARE BACK. Wacky ass beginning. Darby finally makes his way down, with a jacket embedded with thumbtacks, punching Starks and Cage with a few flesh wounds. Darby and Cody in the ring, Will Hobbs throws something their way and tears his shirt off. They all shake hands in the ring and JR lets us know the Bunkhouse Match is next. But when we come back, there is a recap of Kenny Omega and Adam Page. Moxley is backstage with Alex Marvez, pushing his victory at Full Gear over Eddie Kingston. There’s some audio issues, but Moxley puts over the belt and mentions “one of the best pro wrestlers that ever lived” Kenny Omega and his past with him.

They announce it won’t be at Revolution. December 2nd. Moxley vs. Omega for the AEW World Championship.

Bunkhouse Match – The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Natural Nightmares (3 ½ stars)

The general chaos of the match is pretty nuts for a normal weekly episode of Dynamite, but the story b between these two teams are high enough to keep this from feeling completely pointless. Dustin starts out with the first huge move with a massive move on a chair to Butcher on the outside, leaving the Nightmares to get a table ready and take it to Blade. QT Marshall is cut open very fast. Bunny puts some scissors into his head to keep that whole thing going.

Dustin getting back into the match after being handcuffed at one point was a great spot of the match, slinging a ladder around. Butcher and Dustin go hit a big outside spot while QT gets his aggression out on Blade, dropping a huge elbow on Blade off the huge ladder. Massive momentum shift at the end when QT broke up the pin after Butcher and Blade’s finisher. Natural Nightmares get the hard-earned victory.

A package for The Elite Deletion airs. Matt puts over Sammy and says he has earned his respect, but Matt is a legend and that he had to let Sammy know he wasn’t going down for him. MJF’s induction into the Inner Circle is next. The Jeri-choir continues their wonderful performance of “Judas,” and Jericho gets started.

Jericho gets his OG IC in the ring, sans Sammy Guevara. MJF comes down and he’s very emotional, and it’s perfect. He paints a perfect picture of his experience as a man who in five years of professional wrestling and a “small loan of a million dollars,” he has made it to the point where he finally feels appreciated enough to share some poetry. He drops some Drake lines, Ortiz calls him out and says he shouldn’t be in the Inner Circle. Jericho defends his induction by saying he’s going to make the Inner Circle bigger and better. All the sudden, MJF announces this is a surprise birthday party for Chris Jericho. And the Inner Circle is going to VEGAS!

A recap of the phenomenal tag team match that was finally FTR vs. the Young Bucks plays. Marvez is with the Bucks at their dressing room, standoffish from his last time he was there getting superkicked. He asks what the Bucks are doing next. They plug the fact they won the belts, they are happy they did, and Matt mentions that next week, the Bucks are taking on Top Flight next week. Shawn Spears comes out following this promo, and Scorpio Sky follows. Finally, the built-up match between these two is happening.

Shawn Spears vs. Scorpio Sky (3 stars)

These two guys have been making Dark feel a lot more competitive and generally have been probably the two most prolific workers of the other show. But on Dynamite, these two put in the work to prove they definitely do deserve proper placement on the main show. Sky and Spears had a very great balance and pace to the match, with Spears really digging into traditional wrestling moves and trying to limit Sky’s explosiveness and athleticism.

A great story in the ring from start to finish, Sky led for most of the beginning of the match, but everything changed after an outside spot left Spears backbreaking Sky into steel steps in a great exchange of events on the outside. After a Sky Sharpshooter, Spears finds the metal slug he’s been fitting into his glove while Tully distracted the ref. Spears gets the win in a pretty good match that kept things going forward for Spears and that glove story.

Kenny Omega gets flagged down and cuts a quick bit on Moxley and their upcoming match. But he genuinely recognizes that the fans have been asking him where is the Cleaner and where is the Kenny from New Japan by saying he is ready to assume the role of best in the world again. And Kenny also checked the records and couldn’t find their match for some reason. “Regular ring with regular rules – never happened.” He mentions he’s got a flight to catch and he leaves.

Tay Conti (w/ Anna Jay) vs. Red Velvet (w/ Brandi Rhodes) (3 stars)

Conti and Velvet showcased a lot of skills I either ignored from previous matches or haven’t really been shown off very well on AEW programming. Conti was the real MVP of this match, having a ton of great moments – my favorite being the crucifix-spinning bodyslam she nailed on Velvet during the beginning of the second half. Velvet’s striking and speed kept Conti looking very woozy and these two constantly kept a perfect back and forth until they nailed simultaneous roundhouse kicks on each other. Conti refuses the help of a steel chair and gets out a near-fall, finally getting a series of moves all while looking back and forth to Anna Jay.

Jericho and the Inner Circle are backstage and Sammy finally shows up, accusing MJF of telling him to go to the beach and MJF saying he sent a second e-mail to Sammy to be here. Weird little ending, but whatever, after that we got a small recap of the post-match Orange Cassidy backstage interview with Best Friends after beating John Silver at Full Gear, and Kip Sabian vs. Orange Cassidy is announced for next week. Top Flight and Bucks mentioned again, Darby/Cody vs. Cage/Starks, IC in Vegas.

Eddie Kingston interrupts the rundown for next week, and says he quit, finally. He vows to continue to acquire the world title. He promotes Penta vs. Fenix 2, happening next. He goes to commentary to join, Ross, Schiavone, and Excalibur.

Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero Miedo (4 ¼ stars)

I’m gonna spend less time giving the intentional recap of this match – no matter how great it is – mainly for the reason that is we had this match three weeks ago. It’s not that it’s any worse or better by the measure of the match, it’s just a personal take to look into what really makes this different. Five minutes into the match, Kingston and commentary are going back and forth at each other (really good stuff, sometimes too much when Kingston gets defensive) while Penta starts ripping Fenix’s mask from one of the eye holes, stretching out the mask and really digging at Fenix afterwards psychologically and physically.

Do I think that this was better than their first match? No. Was it necessary? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. After the mask tearing and the huge moves, including a massive frontflip DDT and a package piledriver on the apron and then another one in the ring for good measure. Penta wins. Kingston explains how he made this main event possible and it was fun for everyone involved. He congratulates Penta and kicks Fenix out of the ring. And then all hell breaks loose.



“Did you think I’d be gone forever?”

“You have made a very, very big mistake.”

A massive group of officials break them up. PAC and Eddie Kingston shuffling around.

PAC vs. The Blade next week announced.


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